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TTC November Rss

Well 4dpo and counting..this will be Cycle 12 ???? don't know if I will test or not this month...ff says I O cd 13 which ties in with +opks.. usually happens between cd 13 and 15..does anyone elses luteal phase have a range of 4 days?
I am 2dpo. My luteal phase is 12 days not the normal 14. But I also O'd 4/5 days later than normal.

I keep telling myself I won't test unless AF is late. But I also know I have half a dozen internet cheapies so it depends on my will power.

Well AF arrived exactly on schedule today so unfortunately November is not my month. I'm pretty upset but trying to stay positive.

Baby dust to all of you! I really hope we get some bfp's in time for Christmas!
I'm so sorry Buttercup15 big hugs to you. That really really sucks...7dpo here and nothing worth reporting...I'm feeling like I'Lloyd be joining you soon...????
Thanks Farmer_mum. I have my fingers crossed for you! Don't give up just yet.

I have the in-laws staying with us this weekend... hoping there won't be too many questions on when we are having babies (we haven't told anyone we are TTC).
It's always hard having to deal with others questions and opinions buttercup..easier said than done I know but try not to let it get to you...we havnt told anyone either but for different reasons...they would all think we were crazy! So I know there are very mixed opinions on this but I POS this arvo (opk) and got an almost positive opk...pretty strong line...some say this can happen before +hpt...but not always...yes I know I'm grasping at straws and have a serious pos addiction..#nowillpower #crazylady any opinions or experiences of this I got +opk at cd 11 and 12 then negative..also had temp rise so sure I am 7dpo... bd last 2 days so should be OK if somehow I've O twice???
Hey ladies how's it all going? I have had a pretty strange bbt chart this month. My usual pattern is a general rise in temp followed by a drop around 10 -12 dpo shortly followed by af...this month I got a rise then drop to coverline at 6dpo then rise 7dpo then drop back to coverline for 8 and 9dpo...drop below coverline 10dpo and today 11dpo back above no idea what going on???? Fxd for everyone ????
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