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Anyone starting IVF/ICSI Feb/March 2016? Lock Rss

I am brand new to forums but am finding the IVF process quite challenging so thought I'd reach out and see if anyone else was going through this at the moment for some support.

I'm 32, partner 36 and ttc for 3 years, 2 early miscarriages, the last being nearly 2 years ago, since then nothing!

I'm 4 days in to my second go, first go got cancelled a couple of days before EC as wasn't responding as well as I should have been.

Partner is very supportive but support from ladies going through the same would be really nice smile
Hi Raralou, I am just starting my very IVF 1st cycle. It is day 1 today and have started my meds tonight also. All the best with your journey xx
Hi Stellargirl, nice to hear from you smile how did you go with your meds last night? were you injecting?

Hi Ladies,
I'm currently in my second cycle of IVF. My first cycle was in Feb 2015. I was a slow responder with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), stimmed for 15 days, had 9 follicles, retrieved 2 eggs, only one was mature. It fertilised, I had a 3 day transfer, BFP and now have a 4 month old baby girl.

This time around I am currently on day 11 of injections. Again, I am responding poorly to the stimulation and only had 4 follicles measuring 11, 12, 14 & 14 on Day 9 scan. My egg collection was scheduled for Friday 19th but was pushed back to Mon 22nd. Bit worried I may not get any viable eggs or if I do they may not fertilise.

Got my fingers crossed my follicles continue to grow and contain mature eggs.

Hope you don't mind me joining you on the IVF journey.

Out of interest, what medications/doses are you taking?

Hi sunnycoastB, nice to hear from you smile

Nice to hear that you were successful first time around.

I've got day 7 ultrasound tomorrow morning, I'm also hoping my follicles are growing and my estrogen levels are high enough. I also didn't respond well and had my first cycle cancelled before getting to egg collection. I'm on menopur (150 daily) and orgalutran daily (not sure what the dose is actually, just inject the one shot every day). What about you? Are you having another scan soon?
Hi Raralou,

My first time I was on 350 Gonsl F, syrnal nasal spray and ovadril trigger. This time round I'm on 450 Gonal F, Cetrotide injections and Ovadril trigger.

I have a blood test on Saturday and then trigger on Saturday evening for a Monday morning egg collection. No more scans or contact from my FS unless there is a problem. I didn't see her much with my last cycle either. She isn't the most warm person, but I can't complain since she got me my beautiful daughter!

Best of luck with your scan tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

How did you go with your injections? The first one is the hardest. I remember talking myself into just sticking it in before finally taking the plunge...and realising that it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. They are all a breeze after that! Although, the Cetrotide needles are a bit of work with mixing the solution with one needle then switching to another needle for injecting.
Hi SunnyCoastB,
Thank you, I'm a bit nervous, I'm pretty sure I messed up my dose for the first couple days, menopur also requires mixing and measuring the dose out, think I might have injected less that I should have. Was in a bit of a panic the other day about it, using the global -f pen was so much easier!

I don't see my fs much either, tend to communicate with the nurse.

I hope Monday goes well for you smile

How did you go with your ultrasound today Raralou?
Hi SunnycoastB, the ultrasound went ok, better than I was expecting. There were a few measurable follicles, the Biggest being 11, been told to keep on going and having another ultrasound and blood test on Monday, hopefully they will have got a big bigger by then.

How are you going? Are you still on track for egg collection on Monday?
Hi Raralou,
No news today re my blood test, so I assume all is going ahead for collection on Monday. Injected my trigger this evening so fingers crossed.
Good luck tomorrow sunnycoastB, I hope it goes well. I'm in for my second ultrasound tomorrow morning, hopefully I get some good news.
Thanks Raralou! Good luck with your scan tomorrow. Hope your follicles show growth smile
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