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Poll: Who drinks/drank during TWW Lock Rss

Random question... Who drinks alcohol during their TWW? I avoid alcohol during pregnancy but I do drink alcohol during the TWW. Not a large amount but I might have a drink or two maybe once or twice during that time. I've been TTC quite some time now (essentially since AF returned with bub #1 and he's almost 2 yrs old) and I'm not really keen to be fully abstinent just incase this month will be the one!

Just wondering what others do/did.
Hi Makalu, I too would have a drink or 2 during the tww after trying for #2 for a year and #3 for 10 months or so.
In the early days of ttc I wouldn't drink at all but quickly found that I was feeling even worse if not pregnant that cycle and missed out on an event or having a relaxing drink.
I had a couple of drinks in the tww. I wouldn't have gone overboard, but a few glasses of wine in the week, I felt was ok.
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