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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Looking for IVF buddies to share thoughts with throughout our first IVF attempt next month. Rather anxious going into it, but feeling positive, planning on trying to take it one day at a time (here's hoping I can keep that attitude up!).

We have been TTC#1 for 12 months. I have had 2 laproscopys (2010 removal of endometriosis and 2014 exploratory - no endo found). DH swimmers are olympic champions, so we officially have "unexplained infertility". Both aged 29.

All booked in for 21 day scan, counselling, injection training and drug distribution 17th February. Big day.

DH is very supportive but to have some ladies to share the experience with would be priceless.

Hi Melby. All the best for your first IVF round next month. I can imagine it must be a very anxious and emotional time for you right now. I am brand new to this forum as a few weeks ago we found out we needed IVF so thought I would find a forum for some advice and moral support.

Apparently for 36 I am all fine in the eggs and ovulation department, but the other half (42) has a very low swimmer count. We are just trying to come to terms with it all, find some funding to have a round or two privately while we wait for public funding (hopefully we won't need it until #2!) and get some other life's distractions under control before we book in for our first round.

So I stumbled across your post and thought I would join in on your journey - but won't quite be able to share the experience at exact same time seeing as though I won't be kicking round one off for a few months.

All the very best!
Hi Buzzles!
Thanks for the reply and the well wishes - right back at you!

I completely understand what you mean about getting life in order before starting the process - its pricey but here is hoping 1st time works for both of us!

We too are privately funding our treatment - we are really happy with the dr that did my laparoscopy last October - so feel pretty comfortable handing over the reigns to him. Hes very straight up, which im sure some people wouldnt like, but thats definately my style smile

Id be more than happy to share my experiences with you as i will only be a month or two ahead of you.

Good luck with everything, and lets keep in touch!!!
M x
My DH and I are just starting the IVF Journey Im 41 and my DH is 42. Im fine in the ovulation department.
Seems to be just a low sperm count that is the trouble.
Im as yet to find out if my eggs are ok.
We are going to Primary IVF which is the first bulk
bill clinic. IVF is now an option for us because of this We could not afford IVF other wise.
Had our first appointment last week. The doctor we saw was very nice and explained the whole process.
Came away from appointment with requests for blood tests and scans.
Im to have a follow up with the IVF specialist and the nurse once I completed the tests.
All the best for your cycles.
Look forward to continued chatting.
Hi Familytree!

I absolutely had no idea that a bulk billing clinic even existed - great result for you and DH. Did you have to wait a long time to get into the clinic?

Unfortunately there is nothing of the sort in Perth yet sad (unless through the hospital system, which advises quite long waiting periods).

The initial testing and scans wasn't very invasive at all, so thats a good thing. Do you know when you start your drugs etc?

Definitely look forward to chatting more as we all go through the experience.

Fingers crossed its all over quickly and 2015 brings us bouncing babies grin
Hi Melby and familytree - the very best of luck to both of you. I'd be keen to follow both you on your journey while I am getting set for my turn.

As I am in NZ the 'bulk billed' term doesn't resonate with me, but I gather this is a majority publicly/government funded treatment? Or something else??? We have public funding in NZ but the waiting list is about 12 months! Going private for a round or two doesn't affect the public treatment and if you get pregnant before the public round comes along then you can use the public treatment for baby #2 (providing you only have one child and not multiples). We don't want to wait a year so we're saving like demons for a private round first.

familytree - good luck with your blood tests and scans. Keep us posted.

Melby - 17 Feb isn't far away - two weeks! Exciting!
Hi Buzzles,

Yes, "Bulk Billed" is referring to our public health funding. When going private you still get a portion back via the public health system (it really is a considerable amount and subsequent treatments are reduced further by this) however you still need to pay the "gap". Every clinic's gap is different. When something is bulk billed, there is no gap, it is completely covered.

That is excellent that you can keep your public round for later on - sounds like a pretty good system you have there in NZ too.

Yes, getting very close, anxiety (and excitement) is building - I am telling my boss this morning as I have my mid year review... eeek! smile smile

x smile
Hi girls.
I had attempt in December with icsi didn't go good for us.
We are going to start again next month march.
We found a place in Sydney that the ivf cycle is covered by Medicare except the day surgery thats $500 but if u have health fund they cover it.
So all medication, bloods, and ultrasound drs app covered. It's through primary health ivf.
Love to keep chatting to use.
Hi Simplepeach86!

Welcome aboard smile

I'm sorry to hear that your December attempt didn't work. Have the Dr's said they will change anything for your 2nd attempt, based on learnings from your 1st? As we are all newby's is there any advice you can give us, something you learnt from your 1st experience?

It is so great that IVF is becoming more affordable - cant wait for that to get to this side of the country!

Love to share your journey in March smile

Hi Ladies,

I'm on my first cycle of IVF and was so glad to see your posts. I've just completed 14 days (slow responder) of stimming. I had 7-9 follicles of good size, but only retrieved 2 eggs on EPU Friday 6th Feb. Had the call from the lab to say only one fertilised and if all remains well with transfer on Monday. Time will tell I guess. Trying to stay positive, but realistic.

I'm keen to hear how your cycles go. At times like this it is good to know you are not on your own!
Hi SunnyCoastB,

Nice to hear from you.

All you need is one smile I hope that all is well after the weekend wait and your transfer is proceeding as planned today! Stay positive.

I completely understand the realistic approach, and having the knowledge that you are not alone - we can support each other!

I'm sure that the Dr's will have learnt a lot from the first cycle, so regardless there is a positive out of it all.

Let us know how you go.

After what felt like a long wait to find out how my one fertilized embryo was going, I found out that it has survived to day 3. At time of transfer today it was an 8 cell, so fingers crossed for the 2 week wait.

Not long now til the 17th Melby!
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