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Dr has requested a 'non-urgent' appointment... Rss

Hi all.
I'm new to this website but think its going to be my 2nd fave site after Facebook! My hubby recently told me that he's finall ready to start TTC after nearly 4 years of marriage. smile
I went for the pre-pregnancy blood tests last weekend and I just received a letter from the doctor (it arrived Friday but we were away for the weekend) requesting for a 'non-urgent' appointment after reviewing my results.
Great way to finish the weekend- now I'm freaking out that something is wrong with me!! I'm hoping that it's a routine follow up after having those particular tests.
What do you all reckon?
I work full time with a busy start to the week, so the earliest I could see him is Wednesday morning (it's currently Sunday night).
My hubby says there's nothing I can do, but I feel so lost being unable to talk to anyone about this- the pre-pregnancy stuff is meant to be all hush-hush right?

Somebody please put me at ease. I'm dying to start trying for a bub and freaking out that the doctor will say something's wrong with me!!!
I know from past experience that the Doctor prefers to tell you the results (whatever they might be) face to face, as opposed to over the phone. Might have something to do with privacy?

Try not to stress (easier said then done I know), I hope it all goes well with you and good luck!
Could be something like your iron is low, or nothing at all. Just wants to say your good to go, remember to take folate, vitamins, all that crap.... Dr's do this to me all the time, can't tell you over the phone, you might not be who you claim to be. Good luck with TTC (trying to conceive).
Thanks ladies. Feeling a bit less stressed about it all now. smile
I've just never received a letter like that before!

Fingers crossed he's just going to tell me to take my vitamins (which I was planning to do anyway) smile
This happened to me! And I stressed out too! It ended up just being that I had low vitamin d and had to take tablets so try to relax until you go. Good luck smile

If it was something really bad he would have requested an urgent appointment, so like others have said I'd guess a vitamin deficiency. Lots of people are deficient in vit d these days or maybe low in iron. no need to stress!

My doctor requests appointments to give out results, and because she bulk bills me, I don;t really care. I dare say it's both a privacy thing, and a way to get an extra payment, as they aren't paid for giving you results over the phone (and I don't mean that in a critical way).

I doubt it would be anything significant, otherwise you would have received a phone call requesting an appointment. Even the fact it was a letter speaks volumes about the lack of urgency. They use the 'non-urgent' appointment as a way of easing the panic when asking to see you =)
So I saw the doctor this evening. Most areas are fine (thank goodness!) but my iron is a little low (So the tablets will come in handy for that).

However, an additional test he sent me for found out that I have a low 'anti mullerian ovarian reserve'. So basically, I am producing less eggs than most women my age. My rating is 11.4 rather than the healthy 14-17. It's on the opposite end of the scale of someone with Polysystic Ovaries.

So it could take a little longer to fall pregnant. He said if I haven't fallen pregnant after 8 months of trying, then I should seek fertility assistance. For someone in the healthy range, he wouldn't enforce assistance until she had reached the 2 year mark. Meanwhile, he mentioned another patient who has a rating of 1 - so at least i'm better off than that. Apparently, my odds are also better than someone with Polysystic Ovaries.

My hubby is now going to get tests done too - to ensure that he doesn't have any issues as well.

But, fingers crossed that it all means nothing and I fall pregnant within a few months of trying!
That must be a relief! ....well a relief as in you aren't on deaths door like we all expect with a call back. lol

Crossing my fingers for you!
All the best!
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