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Feeling really flat Lock Rss

Is it just me or do others feel really flat after TTC? How do you pick yourself up again? I did another test today - BFN. The bub I lost last year would have been due yesterday (it was my c-section due date) and I cant believe after trying for so long I am still not pregnant! Hubby says time to quit TTC. I do agree with him in a way - although it devestates me. We need to focus on our other children and be happy again. But how???????Dont get me wrong, i know i am so lucky to have my sons, but how do you give up one dream and find another? Am i just fragile this week because it was my due week and i will be over it next week?
Hugs hun!!!
I know exactly how you feel. I was due in December 2011 and the week which should have been my due date, I was an absolute mess! I was inconsolable! But once that week was over, I managed to move forward and pick myself up again. I think because I was dreading it for such a long time, I made it worse myself.
Just let yourself grieve and let it all out. And once this week has passed you by, you will hopefully be able to carry on with your life.

First of all, hope you are feeling a little better today!

Secondly, sorry my previous selfish post (I have edited it) ended up in here, I meant to put it in another thread!

I hope things do ease for you like Mel has said, I have no idea how you stop wanting another baby. It's so cruel that good people like you are left wanting, but you do have two little miracles to put a smile on your face each day. Perhaps in the future when you stop having the stress of TTC nature will charge and you will get another miracle. I really do hope so!

Thinking of you! And sorry again for accidently posting my crap in your thread!
sasha do what I did. Tell them its NOT THIER right to tell.. ITS YOURS and you will decide when you tell and who can be there. My MIL wanted to tell the world and it stressed me so much i had my hubby tell her to back off on it.
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