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Finally got my BFP!!! Lock Rss

congradulations grin very happy for you
Congratulations and best wishes for a sticky bub and uneventful pregnancy. smile
Congratulations I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy.
Congrats!! All the best for a very sticky bub and wonderful pregnancy.

Nice one.
The best news anyone can get on a monday morning.
Now to keep your stress levels down.

Awww Mel-O that is awesome news. Congratulations. I am really excited for you. I pray you get a sticky bub and everything you have dreamed of. Great news. Made my day.


After the year from hell with months and months of disappointment and 2 heartbreaking miscarriages, I am pregnant!!!!!!
I can't believe this has finally happened for me smile
I am putting this down to Del's vitamin combo, heaps of positive thinking, and no stress at all smile
So happy right now! Please let this bub be super sticky!
Congratulations Mel-O i hope you have a sticky bub and a healthy pregnancy... xx
Mel that is absolutely awesome news!!! The power of positive thinking right!!? Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months. Yay!! xx

Hi Mel, I've been following your ttc journey. A very big congrats on your BFP. It's so nice to hear some good news after all you've been through. I wish you lots of sticky baby dust. xo

I haven't posted on here for awhile, but just want to say Congrats Mel, well done. So, so happy for you smile

Thanks everyone!
Kabuta chick, i tested in the campsite bathrooms!LOL! I couldn't wait!
Ejane I how you can join us smile

I think I'm due September 24th, which is DH and my anniversary from when we were dating and got engaged on that day too!

Ok after much thought and confusion I have come to the coclusion my due date is the 23rd! The day before you Mel! Great we will be able to go through our pregnancey together!!!! smile

YAYYYYYY Mel! Congrats to you and DH on the fabulous news!

Looking forward to chatting to you in Due Sept smile

Sending lots of love for a smooth ride!
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