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Could I be pregnant? Rss

hi there me and my dh had an accident about 3 days ago (I was ovulating)
and since then I've been having period like cramps but very very light. Now I'm not sure if I might have something happining in there so I would like to know what u think. I'm scared to find out if I'm pregnant because I have a 4 month old and apperantly I am very fertile.
Hmmmm not sure hun but i hope you get the result you are after smile I am in the same boat i think i am pregnant but not sure yet... it's rather frusterating really!
if you had sex there is always the possibility that you could be pregnant.
You will just ahve to play out the waiting game hun... Did you think to get the morning after pill? You could still be able to take it if you were thinking ablong those lines other wise you will have to wait for your next period to turn up or get a test down. Goodluck
im in the same boat too and my DS isnt much older than yours.

although i didnt think the morning after pill was available to breastfeeding mothers (if you are BF'ing)

there is always that chance you could be pregnant. the waiting game sucks but i can wait the next few weeks with you until we can both get a test done.
o yes that would be great one-little-man grin when do you have to test?
just wanted to add that i am in the same boat my AF is late8 days late and counting!

we too had an accident so i understand your fears this would be my third child if i am and we were not planning to have any more although DH still keeps putting off the snip.

with my last pregnancy I swore to god that i was going to get my period but felt pregnant at the same time. I thought that I was going insane!! I unfortunately had a mc. I think everyone is different and that everyone gets different signs and symptoms so what happens for one person will not necessarily happen for you. I hope that in your case it turns out the way that you want it to, good luck smile
I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations!! Fantastic news for you. I have a 16mth age gap between my girls - it is BRILLIANT!!

Obviously meant to be grin
Congratulations!I am due to have bub #2 in 3 weeks and there will be 13 months difference. I'm sure it's going to be crazy but will be so nice for DS to have a little playmate. Goodluck!

Wow, congrats! Let's hope there is not a big earthquake when you have your second bubs smile

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