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TTC# 5 Am i nuts??? Lock Rss

Hi girls oh and boys lol

Hubby and i have decided to try for number 5 so at the moment we are in TWW should be able to test in 10 days this is our first month of trying.

We have a DS 7 DS 3 DD 2 and DS 9 months

would love to hear from anyone and everyone else with big families and how you dealt with the family criticising ( spell??)
and what kind of cars u have also what pram do u use --- i love prams so any excuse to buy a new one at the mo i have a phil and ted and a side byside twin

thanks heaps


Hi Bree,
I'm not TTC again, ever.. but wanted to say yay for you! I hope that it goes well for you. Having 4 is great, but I know for myself I wouldn't be able to do 5! Hope it all goes well hun! And you have a nice smooth pregnancy.
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

hi bree,

im so happy for you to try for 5!!!
ive just got my implant out today and have a son, 3 next month and a daughter, 1 next month. hoping to concive in june for 3. i want 4 or 5 (even mor if it happens)
im 18 and work at kfc!!! i love kids
i dont think your crazy. we have a double pram but would imagine on big days out we'd be taking our double and a stroller...
oh and we want to get a 4wd hopefully!!!
hope it all goes well for you
xxoo ashleigh

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