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falling pregnant whilst breastfeeding Lock Rss

Just curious to see how many people have conceived whether planned or unplanned, whilst they are breastfeeding?
I'm not planning it but would not be upset if it were to happen either.
I understand the prolactin we produce to make milk is what should stop us ovulating etc...and my doctor has said as long as I'm breastfeeding I don't need to worry about contraception but I know other people say do not rely on that!
I'd love to hear from people who have conceived and also people who have TTC but couldn't until the stopped BF.

Hi i had to wait until i stopped BF DD at 16 months and didn't fall pregnant until late September so 6 months trying. I never used contraception at all BF worked for me mind you DD fed up till 10 times a day till 14 month when she started to self wean. So in my experience BF stopped me concieving despite periods. AT my old mothers group one did fall pregnant while BF though so it it possible.
Hi there, I can't believe a doctor said to you that you dont have to worry about it while breastfeeding! Thats crazy! Every doctor at my clinic says the opposite!
Even if you are breastfeeding you can still get pregnant, and especially if your baby has a longer sleep at night (ie not feeding every 3-4 hours anymore), I've been told by all my doctors that then you cant rely on it at all.
I got pregnant while breastfeeding my son exclusively. He was about 4-5 months old. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage, but my sister in law had the same thing happen and now has two children 13 months apart. In fact I know heaps of people who this has happened to.
So yes, you can definately get pregnant while breastfeeding. If you're happy to have another one, thats great, if you're not, definately use contraception.

Yep I agree that doctor is crazy for saying that, he has said a few other things that I've questioned but now I have decided to just go to a different GP rather than go to one that I don't trust the info he gives me.
I'd love another bub so if I fell I'd be happy but DH is against it and I've asked him to get the snip as we already have 3 gorgeous children and if he had the snip I'd get over not having any more and move on with life.
I guess I was just wanting to know what other peoples experiences were, my friends who have fallen whilst breastfeeding all fell after bub started solids and were having less breastfeeds per day....
Any one else with their stories?

Hello. We planned to get get pregnant while i was breast feeding ( she was 11 mths old) and that next month i was pregnant. I think this was easy for us as i had been having regular periods since 4mths. I continued to breast feed until i was to tired (she was nearly 14mths old).
I fell pregnant while breast feeding, I have two boys and seem to get my cycle back when they were 9 months of age, I breast fed them till they were 1. And we had a lovely little surprise when my first was 11 months of age, so whilst it didn't happen early in the piece for me it did happen. It is always possible and everyone is different.
I got af this morning, so we'll see if I get another in 26 days time which is my usual cycle. I told DH that I got af this morning and that I'm not on the pill so we need to be careful but now is a good time if he wants to know for sure that I won't conceive smile
Littleboys mum, did it take until 9 months for you to get af or for it to become regular?
I'm ringing the surgeon on Monday to make sure he got DHs referral and to see when his appt is to arrange the snip, not that I don't want another, DH is very much against 1 more and I need him to get the snip so I know it is over for me.

I didn't get af till 9 months and was regular from there on in, except I was pregnant pretty much straight away with my second as I didn't think I would be back into such a normal cycle as I was still breastfeeding.... silly thought, but it worked out well for us though I was a little worried about a close gap.

I will be doing the same with my husband when our family is finished. The snip is so straight forward in comparison to the alternatives for women.
Yep mine can be so demanding at times, being fairly close in age, all 20 months apart each.
Is your DH ok with the idea of the snip? Mine wasn't but he is getting used to the idea slowly. I asked him to have it done while I was pregnant with my 3rd, still not done!
I always get af back quick then want to start TTC, it's like an addiction.

Hi, I am 22 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I fell pregnant while breastfeeding my first child when he was 4 months old. We only had unprotected sex once! Obviously I am either extremely fertile or this baby was definitely meant to be! Breastfeeding is definitely not a reliable form of contraception and everything I have read and every doctor I have spoken to say the same thing. I didn't have my period back either so it is definitely possible to fall pregnant! There will be 13 months between my two children! Good luck!

Well DH's appt to see the surgeon is not until the 26th Feb, then the actual operation will be sometime after that then the time it takes for the swimmers to go, we still have about 2-3 cycles to be careful smile

Littlehenser 13 months is a very close age gap! I know a few people who say they had sex once, had not gotten af back at all were breastfeeding and fell pregnant.
I know it would be a very bad idea if it were to happen to me, DH would hate me forever and we would need a bigger car and house, but can't honestly say I hate the idea too.

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