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M/C 6 weeks ago, positive hpt today Lock Rss

Hi Ladies, I had a mc 6 weeks ago today and had heavy bleeding for 5 days with clots. I was just over 6 weeks pregnant and it was spontaneous. I took a hpt 2.5 weeks ago as I was wondering if my levels had dropped off yet as we were keen to get started ttc again. The hpt was negative. Today I was getting frustrated at having no af so was thinking of making an appointment with my dr and though I had better do a hpt to rule out pregnancy. It came up with two dark lines very quickly. I used another brand of hpt to double check and it too came up two lines very dark and very quickly. I have made an appointment to see my mw and get bloods done tomorrow but what are the odds I'm pregnant again or have retained tissue??? So confused!
Hi, with my second son, I got pregnant with him straight after a m/c with no cycle in between.

So it is very possible that you are pregnant, goodluck and hope it all works out for you.


I also lost a baby a couple of weeks ago, had a d&c on mon 20/4 and got at faint BFP last friday. I still have not got my first af either

I'm having a blood test today for confirmation!!

I've heard that it is quite common, as we've had a clean out so to speak and the environment is fresh and ripe!!

Good Luck!!

Thanks ladies for the feedback. I hate not knowing! Going for bloods today and a scan tomorrow if the bloods indicate. It would be such a bummer to find out it's retained tissue. Goodluck tonee, Fingers crossed for you too.

It's nice to know it's possible and to hear success stories too. Thanks ladies
i would say congratulations. its highly unlikely that you could have a negative, then a positive without a baby there. once bub passes, your hormones start to drop. for a rise to happen again you need a new baby there to create the hormone.

the only other way its possible is if that first test was a false negative. but i doubt it

congratulations smile

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