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Would it be not good? Lock Rss

Would it be not good to get pregnant after no cycle for 4months???

I haven't had any bleeding since Christmas Day and my doctor just referred me to a gyno who I see this Wednesday.

But yesterday and today I've had quite bad pain in my lower right hand side and just did an OV test and it came up positive.

So would there be any downside to falling pregnant now?? Would the lining be no good after so long?

Arrrgh I really hate this TTC process - it's just too hard sometimes.

i would not put it off. if the lining is no good, then it just wont implant.

it was my belief that the lining only thickened just before ovulation. and in any case, there is a good blood supply to keep it well nourished.

good luck, maybe in 2 weeks we will BOTH have good news. ovulating at the same time!

Thanks Amy, I guess we know what we'll both be doing tonight then lol

LOL YUP!!!! i have a little over 2 hours till he gets home.

so long as the kitchen and table are spotless, i am good to go lol... hes a clean freak and especially over any food areas hahahaha. he wont mind i have washing on the lounge that has to be delt with tongue tongue

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