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Since stopping pill - no period for 4 months Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I am new to this but hopefully someone will be able to give me some advice??? I was on the pill for about 10 years and stopped taking it late November 08 when my husband and I decided to start a family. When I was on the pill, I was on 3 monthly cycles due to severe period pain for many years. I had my withdrawl bleed on the 23 Nov 08 and then had a very light period only for 4 days starting on 26 Dec 08. Since that date I have not had my period and am not pregnant. I realise that having been on the pill for so long may have disguised an irregular cycle that I am only now becoming aware of, but naturally this is not helpful when trying to concieve! It has now been 4 months with no sign of a period. I am determined not to get impatient about concieving and am more frustrated about not knowing what is up with my body! Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

It sounds like you may have PCOS. I've just recently been diagnosed with it after no period since Christmas Day.

Probably worth going to your doctor or if you have one OBGYN to get it looked at.

If you do have it then you'll probably need to take clomid to make your body ovulate and there is another drug that can make your body have a period too.

Good luck.

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