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TTC May 2009 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
I know its a little early, but I thought I would get in early and start a thread for those of you TTC in May 2009.

DP & I are both 25. We had been TTC for 5 months up until Feb, but had to stop for 2 months (due to my sisters wedding, which I am apart of) and now May will be our 6th month of trying. We are trying for our first child.
Looking forward to getting to know you all...

Mummy to Be

Hi Mummy to be

Now the yor af arrived, go and start yourself on Vitex. This should help to regulate you. All the best.

I'm jumping over from TTC march 09. I have had to delay as I need to get medical treatment sad
I have 2 children already and hope to be trying for the 3rd and final in May.
It's been hard to shift my focus as I had been already getting excited but at least there are others who can understand the looong wait until May!

HI all, I'm 25 and DH is 27 this will be our second bub, forst is 19mths right now. I'm working full time as a high school teacher so MAY is definately our month for TTC this year. We tried Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov last year with no luck, then i got the job and we had to stop. SOOOO really excited bring on May smile

I have been tracking my cycle for a really long time and it ranges from 33 to 39 days so i know that my ov is anywhere from day 23 to 29 but the signs are always pretty obvious so i know when its happening. I have figured out that i will get my AF towards the last week of April and be oving in may.

Is anyone else as crazy about all this as i am lol smile
Hi girls,
well our friends are expecting their second bub, which is a bit strange because we were both preg together the first time and our boys are 13 days apart.

I'mmm sssooooo clucky now, she is 8 weeks and its got me a bit bumbed sad)
Hello everyone
Do you mind if I join you?
Lozwatts - I'm in the exact same position as you, I have a cycle that is approx 37 days and I will be due for AF in the last week of April, meaning I'll ov in May, which is when we'll be starting to ttc bub #2. I have 3 friends preggers right now which is very exciting. 2 of them just found out in the last 2 weeks that they're pregnant with bub #2. Those 2 friends don't know each other, but with one friend her DD is 4 mths older then my DS, and the other friend, her DS is 4 mths yougner then my DS so I was pregnant with both of them last time and hope to be this time too, only they'll be a few mths ahead of me (hopefully lol).
I'm so excited and have already been looking at date to see when 'future bub' would be due each month hahaha....does make me crazy??? DH is exicted to try for bub #2 as he would like a close age gap, DS is 16 mths, it's me who's been wanting to wait...but the time is nearly here!


Hey Carla, yes our situations do sound very similar, How long have you been taking the Vitex? I took it for two cycles both 39 days exactly then at the start of the third cycle i stopped because i was told that you won't see the results of vitex till the cycle you stop taking it. Well cycle three was only 33 days (started spotting on Cd31) so i think it did help shorten it a little bit.
Hi Lozwatts, I took the Vitex for 2 cycles and both were exactly 37 days, then last cycle I got lazy and didn't take but I was curious to see what my cycle would do anyway, and it was 41 days. So I've started taking the Vitex again for this current cycleand we'll see what happens. Before having my DS my cycle was always 33-35 days every month without fail so I'd love to get back down to that. Hoping that over the next 2 cycles it may shorten a little but I'm not holding out hope! 37 days is better then the 50 day cycle I had before taking the Vitex (after having DS) so I'm not complaining too much lol.

That's great that your cycle has shortened a little, hopefully your next/current cycle will be the same, if not shorter!


oh my gosh, 50 days. wow the longest i have ever had since going off the pill last august was 41 days and that was the worst, I remember going through so many preg tests trying to figure out what was happening.

Well i think the vitex works different for most people, so keep taking it and see what happens smile I'm hoping i am actually going to go back to about 30 days, which is what i was before DS.
Ok so i'm feeling good, I'm on Cd12 today and yesterday i got weighed and in four weeks i have lost 5 kilos. slow and steady. I really want to loose another 10 kilos then i will be happy to be pregers. I don't want to be as big as i was when i got preg with Ds1. I never felt sexy preg the first time, so this time i'm determined to feel good.
Here is a list of the ladies in this thread...

mummy to be - Nic - TTC #1 for 6 months
lasmonkey - TTC #3
lozwatts - Loz - TTC #2
carla81 - Carla - TTC #2
Shan30 - Shannon - TTC #1



** Any Mistakes Please Let Me Know or Feel Free To Change The List **
[Edited on 03/03/2009]

Hello, well i'm sooo excited my cycle is becoming normal again yay, its CD16 today and i got a positive ovulation test and today my cervical Muc has picked up and is becomming the stuff we need to see. SO far my luteal phase has been 10-12days every cycle since i went off the pill last August so i should see AF arrive by CD30 at the absolute most. smile yay no more 35plus day cycles driving me nuts. Only took 7months lol
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