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TTC after MC Lock Rss

Hi guys,
I had a MC at 13 weeks (blighted ovum) and have been advised by my doc to wait 2-3 months before trying again. i have done some research and found that alot of doctors find there is no reason to wait longer than 1 natural cycle if there are no problems or complications.
i am a bit confused and really want another baby hopefully before the end of the year and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or advice from their doctor, i need to make up my mind soon and have a follow up appointment with my doctor this week in which i would like to discuss it further with him.
Thanks for your help and any suggestions.

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Hi tay bub. Am sorry to hear of your loss. I had a mc at just over 9 weeks and it was also a blighted ovum. I too was keen to know when we could start trying again and both my GP and Ob said that we didn't have to wait for any set time.

From what i've read i think waiting is often to ensure you are mentally and emotionally ready (as ready as you ever can be after a m/c!!) and also if you wait at least a month, then you will have a period and then an estimated due date.

Be interesting to hear why your dr suggested to wait 2-3 months!

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[Edited on 09/02/2009]
Thanks, im not sure he said you need time physicaly and mentally he didnt say much more than that. i really want a baby before christmas and am not too keen on being due in jan-feb as its so hot as well.

to have a chance at a baby in early dec we need to start trying again after my 1st natural period after the mc. im not sure if this is too early and know that the drs dont all agree. i also dont feel great about going against what my dr says obviously so i don't know what to do any advice or suggested q's for the dr would be really appreciated....thnx


Hi Ladies,

I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago...I was 8 weeks along and had an u.sound booked..
They only found an empty they dated it 5 weeks..

I didnt get a D&C done, just miscarried naturally...
The Gyno at the hospital told me since I am still young (31 is young???) i can afford to wait 3 months and then try again..
but i too also wanted a baby this son start school next yr so it was perfect timing..
We have been BD without any contraception.
I have not had a period if it happens it happens.
I have read a few ladies have fallen preg b4 the next cycle..
I dont think there is anythng wrong with it.

Goodluck to you and i hope you can make a decision you feel comfy with.



I'm sorry to hear about your losses, But i'm sure you'll have a beautiful healthy baby in your arms in no time. I m/c due to a blighted ovum in May last year and fell pregnant again in July.
Just wanted to wish you's luck!!!!!

thanks guys, i had my SIL ask her obs today for a second opinion. he said his opinion was wait 2 cycles but that one cycle was sufficent as long as you have no health issues which is good. still not sure what im going to do and would love to hear from some others as well its amazing how common mc is.

Rani did anyone else give u any advice or explain to you why they said u should wait 3 months? I am olny 21 but cry at the thought of having to wait 3 months! i think it only matters that u feel ready and really want another baby and you have no health issues still from the mc. thats why i am interested to know what other peope are adivsed to do in a similar situation i don't see how 3 months medically is required if some docs say only 1 and others say whenever you are ready?
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Hi there tay bub,

I had a missed miscarriage 6&half weeks ago, we learned at our 12week routine scan that we were having identical twins but sadly no heartbeats,i was sent in 2hrs later for a d&c,my babies were sent to a patholigst they rany and let us know that we were having a very very rare set of twins (monchronic monoamninioc,same sack same placenta)chances of conceiving them are between 1 in 35000 and 1 in 60000 very rare they also let us know that they were girls,and that they got twin transfusion syndrome.sad
Anyway thats what happened to me,but was wanting to let you know that my gyno told us that we only needed to wait till i had my first period cos then it shows that the hcg levels are at zero then you should be sweet to start again,some Drs say a bit longer just so your head is in the right space for been able to deal with been pregnant again, you'll know when you are ready (just make sure your partner is ready aswell),but other than that you should be sweet.

Did you have a d&c??

Its been 6 and half weeks for me,ive just finished my first period so were going to start trying again now.

Goodluck,i will stay with this thread and hopefully we all have good news in the coming months.

My name is Tracey 28,DH 27,2 angels

Hi Tracey,

im so sorry about your girls. glad to hear you are ttc again.

my husband and i have discussed it and feel ready to try again. we really wanted our baby that we lost and feel that the only reason we would stop trying again is for medical reasons. thus the research etc

we had a long time to deal with it i supose. i knew something was wrong at 11 weeks scan at 12 showed no baby and my body took till 13 and a half weeks to naturally mc which i will never do again it was horrible and will always ask for the dc next time. by the time i got to the hospital and they gave me an US everything had passed and i didnt need a d&c.

so even though it was only a week ago i misscarried i really mourned my baby 2 weeks before that.

i am scared about being pregnant again but i know that no matter when we try again i will always be scared because it was such a dissapointment and really hard to understand as there was no reason for what happened.

i got my period again yesterday for the first time so we are trying to decide wether to try again in the next 2 weeks or whether to wait for the next cycle afterwards. i dont like going against the doctor but i really dont want a summer baby but im running out of time i would love a baby in the 1st half of nov or dec which is what we are looking at but after that im not sure.

thanks for your help and hopefully we can all stay in contact over the next few weeks and maybe even months! as we share the nervous wait for a positive test and the first 3 months and 9 months and beyond!

baby dust to all that the wait is short!


Hi Tay Bub,

The only reason they tell you to wait is just to cover themselves that why they say 3 months..

Since you already have begun ur ne cycle i dont see any rason why you should wait..
I havnt even started a new cycle yet...but i didnt wait..
we'll see what happens i guess..

i will keep in touch and if you girls can too it would be really great to share smile



I have lost 4 babies and my ob said to me to wait more for your heart then your head !! ...

I fell pregnant with this baby 20 days after having my last misscarrage ...she said she would have preferred me to wait to ahve a cycle before falling pregnant again ...but ...wasnt to be this way ..

Knowing your EDD is a very very handly thing to know ...I got a positive pregnancy test at the bo's office at my 6 weeks check up ..I then had to wait another 3 weeks for a scan , they diddnt want to do it to early in case they got int here and could see nothing ..that would have een horrile to think somehting was wrong when we were just to early to see anything ...they were the absolute worst 3 weeks of my life !!

I would also like to know the reasons why they told you to wait longer ...if this was his direct instructions then I would wait ...never know ..he might want to run some tests to save you heartache int he future ..or he might think that this is how long it takes to recover ...or he could be covering his own butt ....never can tell!!

good luck !!
thanks, hopefully will see the dr soon. it would be great if everyone keeps in touch. on how they are going on their journey good news or bad the thread can move on from me and hpefully we can support each other!


I miscarried my second baby two weeks ago. I was 13.5 weeks along, had a d&c and our doctor said there is no reason to not try again straight away, although I think he did say better to wait til you've had your period once. We're ignoring that though, and even though we're not officially 'trying', we're not waiting a month either. I'm so hoping I fall pregnant straight away! I feel like another baby will fill the emptiness we've felt since we lost our little one.

Best of luck to everyone ttc to concieve, hopefully what I've heard is true and its easy to fall pregnant after a mc. I guess we'll see. Would love to chat to other women going through the same thing, look forward to hearing everyones good news soon!

Take care,

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