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calling all TTC with clomid Lock Rss

hi, i am waiting to restart my clomid journey, if only AF will ever arrive.

would be nice if i could talk to others who are currently taking clomid in hopes of having a baby. hopefully we could help each other stay sane!

i should have been able to start clomid 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately, AF doesnt agree, and i am 2 weeks overdue, but not pregnant.

HI i have just finished my 2nd cycle of clomid, i have found it emotionaly difficult because after over 1 year of trying and nothin i thought and hoped that goin on clomid would help get me preg but when it didnt i was devistated but we shall see how this month goes...

good luck.



First month of TTC # 2 on clomid.
I am on day 34 today, had a 36 day cycle last month, so I'm waiting to test.

otherwise we had been trying for about 12 months before being put on clomid.
Dr says it looks like i miss some month to OV hence the clomid.

Goodluck to you girls.



Hi Girls,

After posting here I went to the ladies and AF showed up.

I dont know if I have any life in me to post anymore.

So goodluck everyone with TTC..
I've decided that I cant take anymore of this


oh rani, big hugs! i know just how you feel!

i am still waiting for AF, i am almost 3 weeks overdue, yet i am not pregnant. my obgyn is away for a month, and i am so scared i will haemorrage again.

but just think with clomid you are so much more likely to fall pregnant!

i hope after a few days you decide to keep going, or else youll miss your chance this month to take your clomid.

i am hoping and wishing that AF turns up soon so i can start my treatment!

Hi ladies,

Sorry about the sooky email yest..i felt so down in the dumps.
I feel a lil better today after finding out last nite that my GYNO wants me to start back on clomid today as my day 21 and day 28 blood tests revealed that the clomid was having a very positive effect.
I am assuming he means that my progesterone levels are going up.

He even said he didnt need to see me on thursday, which means i dont have to have BT this makes me think he is really confident in things..

Praise the Lord!

Thanks for you supports ladies..
I am so lucky to be amongst u.



hi ladies smile

hi amy and nikkita, u already know my story, and for everyone else..

going on ttc for 14 months. just seen fertility specialist and prescribed clomid. think i need to have the pelvic ultrasound b4 i start though so might not be starting clomid till next month as the ultrasound is in 2 weeks and im on cd1.

thats great news rani grin glad ur feeling better wink

teen mum - i hope u get better news this month, just like rani, maybe it just needed some tweaking on the dose? or ur body to adjust..? good luck

Hi everyone, I've posted a couple of times in TTC November, but as I'm on 1st month of Clomid, thought I'd jump in here.

I'm Tracey and have a gorgeous 2 year old - nearly 3 sad - have been TTC #2 for about 7 months. This is our first month of Clomid due to PCOS and whacky menstrual cycles. I've had 2 days of positive OPK tests, and some really strong OV pains, which I've never experienced before Clomid, so I'm hoping its good signs, although trying not to get too carried away, because that BFN brings you back down to earth with a thud ... Having bloods on Saturday to check levels (or whatever it is they need to check) and then back to gyno next week. So from tomorrow I guess I'm in the TWW, better get a bit more action in while there's still time!!!

Rani, I'm glad you got some positive news from your gyno and glad the Clomid appears to be doing what it needs to. Don't worry about sooking yesterday, totally natural and understandable.

Look forward to getting to know you ladies and to us all getting that BFP VERY soon!!


hi tracey, welcome in.... the levels they are checking are your progesterone, to see if the tablets were enough to make you ovulate...

as for me, i am STILL waiting for AF!!! grrrr lol

*sigh* i am guessing i have about a week to go, meanwhile i look like i am about 4 months pregnant, i am soooooo swollen!

and glad to see you in here unicorn_magic grin

im just hoping that we all manage to get our much wanted +ve's!

Thanks for the welcome and for the heads up about my blood test on Saturday!!! My head gets into a bit of a spin when I see doctors and I forget to absorb information and ask questions, and being my first month of Clomid, I'm still a bit in the dark and not up with all the processes!!!

I'm pretty hopeful that the Clomid helped with ovulation because I had some pretty full on cramping over the last 2 days which I've never experienced before. Hopefully it helped pump up the little eggies and we'll hit the jackpot after our first month of Clomid - wouldn't that be lovely!

Hope your AF shows up sooner rather than later Amy. My last cycle was 41 days when I was waiting to start the clomid, it was sooo frustrating knowing that I wasn't preggie, but couldn't get the next month of trying underway!!!

Have a good day girls!

well, i am up to day... errr..... 47?? i am like 19 days overdue...

so frustrating, and i am so huge in tummy, everyone is congratulating me on being pregnant, lol, problem is IM NOT!

ok vent over... how are we all going now?

cramping is a good sign too, and if you get some spots of blood around day 16, dont panic. ovulation on clomid can cause that more than normal ovulation. (so ive been told )


Im Jud and i have been TTC for just over 12 months now. I have tried clomid with AI (Artifical Insemination) for 4 cycles last year and then this year we also tried 1 cycle of IVF but without success.

Dh and I have already got 3 lovely children thanks to clomid and AI but after losing a baby 2 years ago we decided to try again.

We are trying another cycle with Clomid next month and maybe a couple more months after that and then we will do IVF again.

I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope that AF shows for you soon so you can start again.

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