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IVF - about to start! Anyone else in same boat? Lock Rss

Hi all, I have a DD Isobel but after 2 ectopics and a miscarriage all in 6 months Dh and I are about to start IVF, in fact I start taking the pill tonight, thn nasal spray in a couple of weeks then the injections and hopefully egg pick up at the end of may with transfer early june! We are very excited...just want another baby soooooo badly!

Just wodering if anyone else is in similar situation...

My dh and I are currently going through IVF, in 10days to go till Egg Retrieval
Great to hear from someone else in a similar boat:)
Is this your first attempt? How's it going?

No its our 2nd attempt, but Im feeling really confident that it will work this time.

Im so over stims and injecting myself, could have something to do with my fear of needles tho.

How are you? where are you at with IVF?
This is our first attempt. I already have a DD who is 19 months old but last year I had 2 ectopics and a miscarriage in 6 months so we have decided not to leave it up to the gods anymore and go with IVF. So I have only just started taking the pill, we are on day 7, and still have the nasal spray and injections to go...a long way to go to day 40 and egg pickup!

How come you have to have stimulation again, I thought after the first time you did a thaw cycle?

Hi ladies

I just wanted to say good luck with it all. I have a 9 month old and he was conceived through ivf . So i know what you are going through and if you need someone to talk too pm me .



The dr suggested to start from scratch to see if we can get more/better Embryos... fingers crossed!

Hi Tracey,congrats on your lil man!
Hey did it go this time?

I am at the injections stage...hopefully egg pick up next wednesday and embryos next friday!

Hope you are well...

Hi All

Well I'm in the same boat. I have a DS who is 13 months old who was also concieved using ICSI/IVF. I have started the whole process again this week, in fact today is the first day of the nasal spray. Its funny how you remember that bad taste running down the back of your throat. I'm due to start my injections on 10 June with a pick up in late June.

I decided to join the forums this time around, seeing that I did it all the first time round all by myself - I didn't even tell any of my family.

I wish everyone well and look forward to hearing from you all about where you are at.
Hey KOB250, great to hear from you. It's nice to hear from someone who has already gone through it! This is my first time round, DD (20 months) was natural conception but after 3 losses last year in 6 months (2 ectopics and 1 m/c) we decided to do IVF. Getting excited now that we are at the business end with egg pickup (hopefully) next wednesday 4th june!!! TRying not to get my hopes up which is hard when all the doctors and nurses say "oh it should happen quickly probably first cyle as your have been preg before and your body knows what to do".

That nasal spray is yuk isn't it! I've been pleasantly surprised at how painless the injections are...

Did it take you long with DS? How are you feeling about it all this time? Everybody who knows us knows we are doing it...after the losses last year they all knew we would have to do something different.

Hey Malnath

our DS was our third attempt, a FET. Initially we started with an assisted insemination which didn't work. With our first ICSI cycle I had 10 eggs harvested of those 8 fertislised but by day 2 only 5 viable embyos. By transfer the five went to 3. So we had 1 put back and the others frozen. Our DS was our last 'iceblock'.

I guess this time around my head is going about it a little different, seeing that I have to focus on my little man - i'm not thinking about it 24/7. I'm trying to be really positive.

So how are you coping with the needles? Have you had any bruising? I ended up with some bruising on my stomach and from all the blood tests my arms kind of looked like those of a drug addict. Lucky I went through it during winter and cover my arms.

Have you found any other side effects like weight gain or bloating?
I too am not really thinking about it 24/7 as I have enough to think about with DD. I've had a few side effects, headaches with the nasal spray, bloating now with the injections, very low libido (if any) with the pill and nasal spray, no bruising which is good and I haven't had a blood test since the initial one 4/5 weeks ago.

Was it hard each month waiting for the results? I think that I am scared that it's not going to happen even though I know we have everything in our favour, I can get pregnant and we don't have any fertility problems, but there's still that part of me that thinks maybe it won't happen. It's funny that I think that because I really do believe we will have another one, I've never really thought of my life without another one.

You must have been worried when they implanted the last embryo...and then for the next 12 weeks...that's also what I'm worried about, miscarriage as I had one before DD and one last year. I'm not usually a worrier, I try to keep it all out of my mind, i normally think well I can't control what's happened or really what's going to happen so might as well not worry about it!

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