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Anyone TTC a particular sex in 2008? Rss

Hi guys,

Thought I would start this thread to check out anyone ttc this year and specifically trying for a girl or boy.

We will be TTC #3 some time this year and currently have 2 beautiful boys. We figure we will "attempt" to try for a girl and see what happens....

Anyone else in a similar situation? Thought it might be cool to keep track and then see later on if our efforts worked!
Hi BB2180

I have DS 6 1/2yrs and 3DDs 4 1/2,3 1/2, 20mths. TTC #5 would love another DS to many females in the house, DH reckons he wont be able to handle all the premenstrual tension one every week lololo. Just so DS can have another male figure around. When I do concieve I have a feeling it will probably be a girl as DH wants to BD all the time lololo.

This is a good thread to start by the way.
Looking forward to 2008

I'm leaning towards girl, but saying that I won't be exactly crushed to end up with another boy tongue It'd certainly be easier on the wallet!

We are trying for a girl. I have a 13 month old DS so whilst I wouldn't be disappointed for him to have a brother, a little girl would be nice.

I have only just got AF back after Dylan was born, so not sure how long my cycle will be, but we tried to BD a couple of days before ov (although no 100% sure when that was) this month so we'll see. I'll do a test in a few weeks.

Good luck to all.

After 2 boys whom I love dearly we will be trying for a girl mid year. We are still undecided whether it will be our last or not so we want to increase the odds just in case we decide 3 kids is enough. I know you should be grateful for what you get but it would be nice to see a little pink in the house.

I am planning on starting to try for a girl at end of this year. I am charting my basal temps at moment so I have alot of info to work with at end of year. I hope it works I really want a girl as I only planning on having two kids.

Hi guys, I also have two DS whom I love dearly, but would really love a little girl. I am taking some calcium and magnesium supplements and other stuff over the next eight weeks to try to get my pH level more acidic, as well as some dietary changes, and then we will be ttc. I don't mind another boy, but it will be fun trying!
Good luck everyone.

DS1 19/01/05 DS2 09/02/07 DD1 04/11/08

It looks like girls are very popular this year. When I was trying to concieve #2 I wanted a girl but didn't really track ovulation (just thereabout) or change diets or anything. I thought what would be would be. This time I plan on tracking ovulation etc. Anything to get the results I want. We should share tips.

Hi guys!

So good to hear from all of you! It does seem girls are more popular this year! I echo the sentiments that I would be happy to have another boy, but it sure is going to be fun to try! We really should all share tips though...
So far, things I will be doing (once my cycle actually returns - still b/feeding #2)

BD a few days before ov, and not after
Increasing calcium and magnisium inthe diet - maybe consider the suppliments
Get DH to give up on coffee (one that I heard)

Feel free to share yours....
Ok so I haven't really looked into the diet to conceive a girl but do you increase the calcuim and magnisium by foods or vitamins or it doesn't matter

I have heard that dairy products change pH of vajayjay mucus which makes it more habitable for female sperm, that could be the calcium thing. Not sure what with magnesium? I found the book "Natural ways to better babies" really interesting, it info like that in it.

I have heard that for a girl you should have sex more often because it will decrease the proportion of male sperm to female.
So for a girl you would have sex everyday from the end of your period up to 2-3 days before ovulation. And then not again till a week after ovulation.

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