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Can anyone help me out in this situation? Rss

Hello ladies. I want to share my problem with you all. Maybe I get some satisfying answer here. I already have three kids. In all the cases it was a natural birth. In my fourth kid, my blood pressure was not stable. I was on bed rest as well for the majority of my pregnancy. I took a lot of care in the whole pregnancy. In my last month, this problem got severe. I had to go to c section birth. Now I had my baby 8 weeks ago. After that I got my tubes tied. I am on breastfeeding now. I am not having my periods since then. I am curious to know that breastfeeding is the reason or something else. I have heard from a few people that they got their periods even after their tubes were tied. Can anyone help me out in this situation?
Breastfeeding is likely the reason.
It's not unusual to not get your period for several months, and apparently even be erratic and with lengthy gaps after they start up again, while you're breastfeeding. My little one was 10 months before i got my period again, which I was expecting to take a while to show back up, but then I got worried when the next one didnt show up when I expected it, so i did a bit of research.
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