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4th c-section? Lock Rss

Hi, i have just found out i am 5wks pregnant with baby no.4! wasnt planned, and i am a bit worried how the next c-section will go. Has anyone had 4 c-sections and recoverd well? My 3 kids are 10,8, and 4 yrs old.


personally am about to have my 3rd cesarean..however had a friend who had 4 cesareans and all 4 chn are well and so is she. Hope this helps.

I am preg with #3 & will most probably have to have my 3rd c/s. I have a friend who has had 4 c/s's - her last was just over 8mths ago & all her kids are approx the same ages as yours & she has had no problems at all.

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hi ,i have had 3 c/s and am pregnant with my 4th.when i was on the table with my last i asked the doc to look at the internal scaring and tell me if number 4 would be possible,she said definately,so in saying that we tried and suceeded in concieving.i think it will be no different to number 3.i found number 1 was the worst maybe because i did not know what to expect,numbers 2 and 3 were fine .anyway time will tell i guess,this will definately be the last as i have asked for my tubes to be tied while i am on the table,so i hope that does not add to the children have closer age gaps though.i will have a 5 yr old .3 yr old,1 and half and a new born.maybe my body is just in a permanent state of shock and does not feel the pain as much anymore.(ha ha).good luck anyway,hope it is as painless as possible for you.

I am having my 4th in November. The problem with having so many c/s is the scar. I have low lying placenta because of this so I can deliver anywhere from 1/11. My due date is 4/12. I have a 1% chance of placenta moving because it is attached to my scar. Don't mean to scare you just be aware.


hi jane,did you find out about your low lying placenta at your 12 week or your mid term scan? also are they almost expecting you to go into labour and then do an emergency c/s rather than book you in early?i have had all my previous c/s pretty close to the 39th week.are they still planning yours to go 'full term'? i wonder how common this complication is, and also i will have to ask my g.p. what are any others.?did you have pain in your scar ?and one last question,do you think this will be your last pregnancy?hope you dont mind the 20 questions,thanks.
ps.my3kids. i am now 6 weeks pregnant also,hope its a trouble free 4th pregnancy and c/s for both of us.

I found out about my low lying placenta at 20 weeks scan. No I will be booked in for c/s at least 2 weeks early. It depends on what the next scan reveals, if it is in the same position I will be booked in 35 weeks and if it goes away 38 weeks, but if I have a major bleed it could be earlier. It is a waiting game. I do not know how common it is and yes this is definately my LAST. I hope this helps. Let me know how you go


Hi ladies,

Jane i hope everthing goes well for you! You have scared me a little but thats ok just keep me updated if u could thanks. I havent had any scans yet but i have my 13 wk appt with hospital on the 14th of sept, so im hoping they will do a pregancy-dating scan then!!after my 3rd child was born i remember someone sayin i would think twice about havin anymore babies. So i am a bit concerned how it will go! Has anyone had pains where their scar is durin pregnancy i did with my last one but mainly in the last trimester! I hope everyone is going well!


Hi, ive had 5 c sections, 1st was nearly 15 years ago and last was a year ago. i had no problems with them, though when I had the last there was a drain put in to reduce risk of infection, I do have more scaring, even where they put the needle in my back they mentioned that as i was going in.
Also when I had my ultrasound they could see scar tissue and it was getting thin, but I had no probs.
There wasnt really any pain from the scar when preg but at times it felt a little uncomfortable when my DD was moving around on it, other than that all heeled fine was out driving 2 weeks later, and looking after the kids inc a active 2 1/2 yr old.
Hi ibsy,

how r u? I hope it all goes well too! I am bit nervous about goin through with this pregnancy! I think i will feel better once i have had my 1st hossie appt! When is your baby due? How old are your children? Take care and will let you guys know how i go at my appt!


I had my 4th C-Section in August last year, at the time my other kids were aged 22mths, 4yrs old and 7yrs old so had a few gaps there to heal between each one which looks like you have too. I went okay, had a few dramas with the spinal block not going in tried twice and finally got it in otherwise I woudl have gone under a GA but then it wore off too quickly in theatre lucky I had seen my baby come out as it was when they were stitching me up I felt the pain so they put me under so I couldnt feel it so that was a bit scary for me as that didnt happen before but blame them for not doing the spinal properly. Other than that all was good, healed well and recovered well, but I asked my dr what would happen if I had a 5th not that I want one but accidents sometimes happen he said he wouldn't recommend anymore than 4 as it does do lots of scaring to your inside organs as they move them around with each operation, but he didn't rule out I coudlnt' just wouldnt recomend. So I think you should be right as you have had nice gaps from each child to heal nicely, goodluck with it all

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