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When did you milk come in? Rss

After your caesarean? I really really want to breastfeed this time, but I'm worried that having a caesarean will put me back and make it harder.

hi, ive had 2 cs and i can only go by the second and it was pretty much straight away.

I had an emergency c-section with DD and my milk came in on the 3rd day - my DP came in to visit 1st thing in the morning and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw my rather large bust!! I don't think it matters if you have a c-section or not as to when your milk comes in, I am lead to beleive it is the hormones working within your body, so don't worry, your milk will come in regardless, just stay nice and positive, you will be fine!!

Have a look at this, it might help. I have heard of milk not coming in until day 6 or 10, but this doesn't mean you can't bf and I don't know the circumstances on which they happened; so don't know if they were feeding to demand or to a "schedule", bubs wasn't attaching properly etc.

Can't give a personal experience as not had a c-section, but the link I posted says the "average" is 2-3 days, even if you have a c-section. Not long to go now.....getting excited?

Thanks ladies. I've done some research and it says that your milk come in when the placenta comes away, so it shouldn't be any different from a vaginal birth.

hey chook

With cohen it came through 2nd day (layla was day 3). The only advice i can give is when you need to BF, instead of trying to get comfy in the bed, move to the chair. So much easier.
My friend is going to make me some nut/wheatmeal slice that apparently assists with milk coming in after a c-section. My midwife says it's about day 5 but they can still get the collostrum?
I had an emergency c-section with DS and my milk didnt come in until day 4.

i had emergency caeser with DS and my milk came in after 3 days i think.. on the day i came home =D

Mine came in on Day 6 (left hospital Day 5). By day three she was "comp feeding" with formula as the Paed had said she was looking dehydrated and a midwife told me her output was low so being day 3 and the hormones going wild I lost it and gave her formula as was worried she was starving... which she was, she wasnt waking to feed and never attached properly during my 5 days in hospital.

I was really wanting to breastfeed this time too (after formula feeding my first) but between the caesar and being in a lot of pain and not able to move without being in agony and midwives taking 10-20 minutes to come when I'd ring I was up against it with getting help plus my bub was starving as wasnt getting anything. So from my experience yes it did make things hard and didnt help that the midwives took so long to respond (I really needed help with how to do it and getting a position that was comfy which wasnt easy). Just when she'd latch on (so midwives said) they'd leave and sure enough as soon as that door shut she'd be off again so I'd ring the buzzer only to wait and wait. And this was in a private hospital - I thought that'd help too to get better assistance but was wrong.

Anyway arm yourself with as much info as you can beforehand and tell them over and over you need help and demand a lactation consultant. I have however heard positive stories of ladies having caesars and breastfeeding so I wish you the best of luck smile
My first child was a emergency c-section. I had "leaky breasts" from 4 months pregnant so I had the colostrum to feed him but my actual milk didn't "come in" till a week after I had him. This time I had leaky breasts from 4 months again but I can already feel the let down ( that funny feeling when you feel you boobs filling up) and I am 35 weeks pregnant. I have been feeling it in the last week. Certain things can trigger it eg baby crying etc. Sometimes it just happens.
I laboured with DD which resulted in a c/s - milk came in day 3/4. DS was an elective c/s and milk came in day 3.
The more the baby will suckle the quicker the milk will come in, so they encourage putting bub to the breast as often as you can and get as much assistance from the midwives as you can about positioning and ask any questions you have.
*Also I read on the ABA website the milk is stimulated by removal of the placenta not by labour itself.*
All the best.


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