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The birth story of Tully Rex
On Monday 14th January (my due date) I was feeling super emotional and overwhelmed about having another baby, my 2 daughters were fighting all morning, the house was trashed and I was in pain from my pelvis and back. I called my dad and arranged for him to come and take the girls for the night so Ben and I could have some time for ourselves. After the girls left I immediately relaxed and felt better. Ben and I cleaned the house; I had a hot bath and then had the best nights sleep I’d had in months.

I woke up feeling fantastic and determined to have my baby very soon. I made a fruit and yogurt smoothie for breakfast and had 2 teaspoons of castor oil. Ben and I spent most of the morning in the kitchen preparing a massive stew in the slow cooker and lots of other small meals to stock in the freezer. I had a nap and woke up feeling a few mild tightenings and a had a big clear out courtesy of the castor oil. I had another hot bath and then set myself up in front of the TV on my birth ball and bounced away for what felt like hours.

The girls were due to come home around 4pm but I was feeling restless and off so I asked my dad to have them for a second night, which he agreed. We had dinner and went for a long walk around the neighbourhood and came home and went for a drive to see if we could find some winding, bumpy roads. We drove up to Mapleton in the hinterland and went for another long walk around the look out and the beautiful old pub.

We got home around 9pm and Ben did some acupressure points on my feet and ankles while I used my breast pump. Ben went to sleep and I tried to as well but couldn’t sleep so I had a long shower and hung out in the nursery sorting baby clothes. I got into bed at 11.30 and had a good contraction. I dozed off but was woken every 10 minutes by more contractions. At about 12.45 I woke ben and told him I would have the baby before dawn, he didn’t believe me and went back to sleep. I got up and called my midwives Rachel and Jessie, who did believe me and said they were on the way ?

I started gathering all the birth supplies into the dining room which is where I’d decided I wanted to give birth. Ben woke up and asked why all the lights were on and he finally twigged on that I was serious about being in labour, so he started to inflate the birth pool and went to open the gates for the midwives.
We started filling the pool, turned out all the lights and lit candles all through the house. I sat on my birth ball watching river monsters and rocking through the contractions which were now every 5mins but still very manageable. My midwives arrived one after the other at 1.30am and we all sat watching bad early morning TV and grinning at each other.

I got up to go to the toilet at 2.30 and then decided I was ready to hop in the pool as I was starting to have trouble focusing during the contractions. The pool was heaven but had started to cool down by then so Ben and Jessie filled kettles and boiled water on the stove because we had run out of hot water.
Once in the pool my contractions started feeling different and I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back. It was getting intense but the contractions weren’t too bad and still only lasting 30 or so seconds. I gave a tiny push and discovered that doing that took away a lot the discomfort in my back and from then on it was a lot easier to handle.

At one point Jessie asked me if I could feel anything with my hand so I reached down and could feel the bag of waters bulging and his hard head right behind them. With the next contraction I leant back and whoosh felt my waters break. Jess checked with her torch that the water was clear and all was good. I realised that bub was very very close and asked Ben in which position should I have him, he said the same way I had Arden so I got onto my knees and leant forward, resting my head on the side of the pool and held onto Bens hand with my right hand.
With my left hand I reached down and could feel his head. I felt a contraction start and his head started moving down very quickly so I slowed him down with my hand to allow me some time to stretch properly. The contraction lasted for what felt like ages and his head was out. I couldn’t believe that the hard part was over so easily. We all waited for another contraction and I felt him turn and rotate through my pelvis before his body came out in one big rush. Jessie passed him through my legs and I lifted him out of the water onto my chest and sat back against the wall of the pool.
Tully let out a big yell and then settled back for a cuddle. All I was aware of at first were his ginormous swollen balls lol. I was getting cold so I was helped out of the pool onto the birth stool to await the placenta. I’d had problems birthing the placenta with my previous births and had discussed using the birth stool and gravity with my midwives to help speed up the third stage. The placenta came out after 15 minutes and then I could relax and get all comfortable on a mattress we’d put in the lounge room. Tully had a breastfeed while everyone else had champagne.
Ben cut the cord and got Tully into a nappy and singlet while I had a quick shower and got dressed. Our midwives tucked us in bed and left, saying they would be back after lunch to weigh and measure Tully and to clean up the birth pool.
Ben and I were way to excited to sleep and just talked and stared at our beautiful boy until the girls were dropped off about 8am. They were so excited and gentle. The midwives came back and I couldn’t believe it when the scales said Tully weighed 4.075kgs (8lb 15oz). He was my biggest baby but had definitely been the easiest birth.
He is just the crusiest baby and we all love him so much.

And here is the link to the video smile

Congrats Ash I was wondering if bub had made an apperance. Your birth sounds amazing and I bet the girls love having a little brother.

Forever, for always and no matter what

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Shows people that it can be beautiful and calm.
You look amazing. What a wonderful birth. Hope that you are both doing great.

Thanks for sharing such a personal journey with us all.

You did an amazing job, well done. Thank you for sharing smile

congrats on the birth of your little man. thanks for sharring such an amazing birth story and video with us.

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