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Just wanted to share this Rss

I wanted to share this beautiful clip with you all and I hope it gives you inspiration in to how wonderful childbirth is.

I hope it works, you will have to copy and paste it in though sorry

Fear in Childbirth Research

Third year nursing students project on Fear in Childbirth.

[Edited on 30/11/2009]

[Edited on 30/11/2009]

Fear in Childbirth Research

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Will try and watch it later.


Thanks for that Christina hehe

Im not very good with that stuff.
Its a great clip tell me what you think when you get a chance to watch it smile


I just had to cry...lame! LOL

Alot of those facts were spot on, yet the system is usually set up in such a way as to not empower women, and in alot of cases reinforces the 'fear'.

I gave birth to DS1 in a hospital, one of my choosing though one I had to fight for, because I was REFUSED the home birth I so wanted because he was my first baby. I wouldn't say it was a 'bad' experience but I had NO continuity of care because the hospital wasn't where I lived and even though I was under the care of midwives, I saw a different one at almost every appointment and because the hospital was 'out of area' I had a midwife I had never met before at the birth. She was wonderful and basically kept me motivated at the end when I had been pushing for an hour and couldn't get past the 'ring of fire'; in fact she threatened me with an episiotomy because she knew I didn't want one and it made me suck it up. LOL

When I became pregnant again, I was living in a different country, with no family support BUT I didn't have to 'fight' for what I wanted. The birth of DS2 was everything I could have hoped for, well wish it hadn't gone so fast but I guess you can't get everything you wish for,and I felt about 100 times more satisfied with it than DS1's birth, even though the feelings involved were roughly the same.

I think that the power of positive thinking is too marginalised by 'mainstream' medical practice and coupled with the dismissal and marginalising of emotions for people who didn't get the experience they might have been hoping for just ticks me off. Yeah I had a healthy baby at the end and yeah I am happy about that BUT I wanted things to go a certain way with DS1 in particular and they didn't and I should be supported through those feelings not told to 'get over it' cause I got a baby at the end.

But then I could go on about this forever. LOL

What a beautiful clip. A level of fear is normal and should be expected HOWEVER that fear should not be so great that it disables a woman from giving birth the way nature intended.

a low level is normal and healthy, humans are afraid of the unknown, of what we ourselves have not experienced - its a survival instinct. Its when that fear is fed and becomes bigger than what a person can cope with that it becomes dangerous.

I admit to being afraid. Ive done it before and had my concerns right up until my son was given to me to cuddle and feed - what if I couldn't do it, what if there was something wrong, what if I couldn't feed him after and funnily enough the one that had me MOST worried at the time what if its not cute!! (lol yes, while pushing that was a serious concern, though hes just gorgeous grin) I'm due any time now and have the same feelings this time although, they have been alleviated somewhat by the fact that I've done it before but every labour and birth is different.

And now I've COMPLETELY forgotten my point. But I think the Antenatal counselling is a brilliant idea. Here in NZ we are lucky as home birth and natural birth are considered normal. I have factors at play that mean I'm best in hospital but I have a midwife (one main care provider) who is a fantastic support and advocate for me (I also know if anything crops up she is more than capable of helping me and Hubby make the right decision for us). This helps to relieve some of the fear I think. The relationship with the person who will be helping to guide our younglings into our arms.

And I'm jsut gonna leave it there cos I'll confuse myself again. Too early, too pregnant to think straight smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

My first birth with my DD 3 years ago was at a hospital it was not tow bad as it was a low risk hospital that believes in natural birth and helped me through a great drug free birth, which was good. The midwife was also with me the whole time for support.

My second child however was a month early due to ruptured membranes at 33 weeks and I was transferred to a different hospital. My birth experience was not so nice although it was still drug free. I had to refuse the drugs they tried to give me instead of encouraging and supporting me through the birth they really just wanted to get in and get out.

They clamped the cord straight away, which I didn’t want, and after a brief hold of my son they took him away. He was healthy and breathing well all on his own but had to follow their protocol. When he was on me he was looking to feed and I asked if I could feed him and they said no that they would check him first. After they took him in to SCN they had given him a bottle of formula without asking me.

I am hoping for a home birth with baby #3 but Hubby does not like the idea. Ill se if he will come around.


Posted by: Mum of 2 under 1

I am hoping for a home birth with baby #3 but Hubby does not like the idea. Ill se if he will come around.


I want to too. But DH is not comfy with the idea. At the end of the day. I dont care where I give birth. Its going to happen. I know I can do it!!!!! I have drug free births. I also birth big babies, so I feel I can do anything. hehe!!!

loved the clip by the way!!!!!!!!!!

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