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'The Calm' Rss

Yep I'm posting it in here to as personally I feel it is relevant. With Munchkin we didn't know I've I'd be requiring a c/s or not due to an old pelvic injury.

A few days before I went into labour with Munchkin I had a really calm feeling come over me like no matter what, this baby was going to come and I was going to be ok. I was sitting here this morning and had a similar feeling come over me, I've also noticed I've been having a few BH contractions (hopefully helping baby to engage lol).

So, does anyone else get this?

I think it was my body and intuition telling me I could do it myself, and I did! Yes I was in hospital for the actual birth part and will be again - I feel safer there but will have my independent midwife with me (same one I had with Munchkin) who is a fantastic advocate and knows my wishes - to have as natural a birth possible with minimal intervention (I got away with only three internals last time over a very long labour period) and drugs (I needed the gas in the end). We had a few issues with the placenta refusing to budge but I'm really happy with the way Munchkins birth went and hoping for an even smoother run this time smile (and faster - 42 hours from very first cx to birth was exhausting but worth it!!)

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Yes, you just reminded me of that "CALM" feeling I got just before my labour started. I felt like I was dreaming and I just floated around the house on a natural high!

I had also studied Hypnobirthing, so my whole birth plan did then help me stay calm and have a beautiful drug-free and pain-free birth. I believe in the whole calm birth/calm baby philosophy and think it can totally help you get through your labour.

Good Luck!

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