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Convincing hubby to have a home birth Rss

I was just wondering if anyone out there had managed to successfully change their DH mind in regards to having a HB and what method they used?
We are TTC and I am desperate to have a home birth after experiencing a horrific time in hospital before, during and after the birth of my twin girls 6 years ago. I know the doctors will try and make me have another c-section and there is no way I want this unless of course our babies life is at risk. But my hubby is covinced that HB are extreemly dangerous and that I am nuts for wanting one.
Does anyone have any idea's? Maybe if I could just get him to meet a HB midwife that might travel to us as we are about 2.5 hours from Adelaide.

I'm currently ttc too and have told dh that this time it will be a hb. He hasn't come around to it completely and I'd really love his support, but weather he does or not it's my body and my right to choose how to use it smile
You could try getting all the info together for him or you could just point him in the right direction with some books or web addresses and let him take responsibility.
ITA with the hb midwife, perhaps have him make a list of questions and also list some of his fears, I'm sure most middys would be happy to discuss them with him.

Just PM'd you some info too smile
[Edited on 19/11/2009]
I dont know how much truth is in it but i remember reading somewhere that they are trying to stop home births and are fining the midwives $30,000 if they do but i do live in QLD not to sure

Kenzie's mum, it's true. The legislation is set to take effect from July 1 next year. But most homebirthers and homebirth midwives will probably just continue to do so, underground, so to speak. You can still speak out against it, though, by contacting your local Federal member.

Yes I had kinda heard about all of that but didnt realise when it was coming in and of course my "potential" baby will be born after that time!

We have thought about maybe comprimising and going to a birthing unit ran by widwives at a local hospital in Crystal Brook, I know its not like being at home but they sound very good and my DH would be happy because there are 'doctors' there if anything goes wrong. Has anyone every been too or seen what these are like???
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