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Breathing Techniques for labour? Rss

Hi ladies,

I was wondering if anyone still teaches lamaze breathing classes for pregnant mums? When I was pregnant with DS I was never taught any of this, and felt like I was ripped off! I really wanted to try drug free, but ended up with pethadine and an epidural! The pethatdine was shoved in my leg without even asking me, and the epidural I was told I had to have to lower my very high blood presure and prep me for a ceasar which I didnt end up needing. Very crazy scary labour and I dont wanna do it again!

My hospital didn't teach anything about natural methods, only told us what drug options there were, So I would love to know if any of you know these breathing techniques or know of any classes I can attend for my next pregnancy? I am in FNQ so that limits it a bit

T xo

do you have a choice of hospitals?

im not sure, but i figured all were into the active labour thing? mine was (so thats all i can compare it to)

birth centres are very good for active/natural births, see if you have one of those around. (that is, if you think you can go drug free, they only allow gas)

although......i didnt do the breathing. i found holding my breathe worked good with my first child, and with my second labour i had alot of gas. basically through the last of transition and most of the pushing stage.

I have public or private and thats it. I went private cause i have private health cover, and the base hospital here is terrible. Its one of the worst in Qld! lol! Always running out of beds, and my girlfriends that gave brith there have some horror stories! Stealing pillows from mums in labour, injecting things into arms not veins! bad infections etc.. So I dont really wanna go there.

But the private one is so tiny, they dont have too much to offer, you cant even have a water birth, they make u get out of the tub to push. But I wasn't even allowed in cause i had a drip for strep b and high blood presure so they had me monitored and strapped to the bed sad That was torture!

If you can look at doing an active birth workshop. It teaches pain relief techniques, positioning as well as educating you on why everything does what it does. In SA coast yoga offers a great one, but I am not sure about FNQ... You also might be interested in the pink kit

Hope that helps!
Thanks for that!
It looks really interesting smile

And I'll look into local Yoga classes and see if they offer a similar service as the SA coast one

T xo

Hi there,

I found the book "Birth Skills" by Juju Sundin and Sarah Murdoch more than helpful in assisting me with techniques to manage the pain of labour.

I considered doing a hypnobirthing course but after reading this book felt confident enough that I could manage without the course.

I was on the syntocinin drip and hooked up to monitors during my labour but found using the visualisation skills from the book and sitting on a fit ball helped me to get through without the drugs.

There's quite a few books on hypnobirthing/calm birthing etcetera that you may find interesting and helpful if you are unable to locate some local classes as mentioned by a pp.

Good luck
Thanks for your help! I'll try to find the book. I'll try anything to have a drug free birth this time!!

T xo

I had my DS in a public hospital in FNQ and i thought they were fantastic!!! I dont know if you are in Townsville or not, but the general hospital was brilliant! Their midwives were great, i couldnt fault them for anything, but i guess with everything in life, some people have good experiences and some bad.

With the breathing, at the General where i had DS, the midwives, helped me with my breathing, so i was ok. They also didnt push anything onto me, if i wanted something, i asked for it, i remember being there for only about 3 hours and begging for an epidural and my wonderful midwife talked me out of it, which was a brilliant idea LOL

Have you had a tour of the public hospital? Maybe if you have a tour and ask some questions it might put your mind at ease. Also at the public, well MOST hospitals, will not let you have a water bath. From what i know, you have to go to either a birthing centre or have bubs at home to have a water birth. I asked about it at one of my appointments and the midwife said, because of insurance, and no one was really experienced to handle a water birth, was the reason for them not allowing them.....
There are two books that I highly recomend for anybody wanting to aim for a drug free birth. A Labour of Love by Gabrielle Targett and Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering by Dr Sarah J Buckley. A labour of love is hard to find, you may have to get it through the website below.
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