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Hypnobirthing Rss

Hi guys, Im 23 with my second bub due Dec 19th smile My first labour was HIDIOUS, Camryn would have been a 5 hrs labour if she did not get stuck (resulting in a c-section) so its was short and extreamly intense, my husband and I are looking into hypnobirthing. I was wondering if anyone has had a hypnobirth and what your experience was like? Are there any good books I should get? Thanks smile
Hi Angie,
Ive not had a 'hypnobirth' but it something im thinking of myself. With my first, DS was 'back to back' and i was in a lot of pain for 12hours before i even started to go into real labour, so i gave up on my water birth idea and went straight for the drugs. I was lucky and didnt have a c section but i had to stay over night which was awful.

I would like to do a hypnobirth/water birth, this time so i can go home straight after, i have heard that 'hynothreapy' helps with the pain ? if it does i think this is something i would really like to know about and how i go about getting info ? im in nz auckland.

I was coming on here about to ask the same question..

I also had an emergancy c-section and i am looking into hypnobirthing. The reseach i have seen shows 2 types
both seem very expensive, $440 to do it through one group.

interested in feedback...hope people post

Hi Im sorry I dont have any answers for people. Im living in Cairns, QLD and can not find anyone that does hypnobirthing in my area either. If anyone knows please could u let me know.


Hi Ladies
I am 32 weeks and I have just completed the calm birth classes and let me tell you they are amazing. I am now so relaxed about the thought of giving birth and I cannot wait until it happens. They show you how your body works while giving birth and also show you fantastic breathing techniques. At the end of the course you get a book with all of the details of the course and 2 discs with the breathing techniques you have learnt in the class. I have been listening to these daily and what a difference it has made. It is like I am this big relaxed bubble! My husband also found the classes very useful as he was very apprehensive about the whole labour thing and now we just cannot wait for it to happen. It has helped us connect together with the baby, a great bonding experience. I know it is expensive but it is well worth the money.

Hi there, I am a student midwife at Australian Catholic University and I would definately recommened hypnobirthing. After seeing women have a hypnobirth I only wish that I had used it for my 2 births...

I'm not sure where you live but I can recommend a few places in Melbourne that run hypnobirthing classes. Otherwise I would recommended by a book called "Hynobirthing, The Mongan Method" by Marie F Mongan. It's brilliant and is written by the founder of Hypnobirthing.

If you have experienced a difficult birth in the past and are hoping for a different outcome this time round I would definatley recommend hypnobirthing or calmbirthing, or alternatively having a trained support person with you at your birth ie a student midwife or a doula.
I did 4 hypnosis for birth sessions with a clinical psychologist because I was paranoid about an epidural and fearful of losing control under drugs and my birth was long but perfect ( poainful but not ultimately unbearable) and didn't have one intervention or one drug. awesome experience and will do it again. very empowering and the midwife I had understood my birth plan and was very supportive of it.

worth a try definitely. don't read a book...see a professional.

good luck

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I know you posted this a while ago and you may think it's too late, but I have done Hypnobirthing with my first and had an AMAZING Birth - totally drug-free and PAIN-FREE!

Doing the Hypnobirthing changed my whole life and i have just started my refresher course on the weekend because our 2nd bub is due December 20th and we are looking forward to another beautiful experience.

I have since created a blog with videos about questions etc. people ask me about Hypnobirthing if you want to check it out

Good Luck and I hope you have a beautiful birth!

Go for it - absolutely worth it I've had 2 pain free drug free births much to EVERYONE's amazement - Drs, midwives etc. so empowering and my friend ended up with every intervention and finally a caesar but was still totally happy and KNEW she'd done all she could and it was for the best - not traumatised like so many of my other friends who ended up with similar results.


ebay stuff

Keep your eye out on ebay, they often do have hypnobirth stuff...
And I've got a hypnosis CD from JB Hi-Fi before, so maybe check them out...
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