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  5. I know this isn't the right place to post......

I know this isn't the right place to post...... Rss

But there isn't really a place for us hospital birthers!!! lol

I love reading this section of the forum and think a lot of your stories are amazing, I personally wouldn't have a home birth for my own personal reasons but love reading the stories on here.

Something I notice a lot of though is discussions about hospitals, being rushed through, interfered with, overworked DRs/midwives etc and very rarely hear anyone speak of a hospital being a good place so wanted to shre my hospital experience to try and dispel the myth that they are a 'bad' place!

I have 3 beautiful kids, I won't go into DS' birth as he was not expected to survive long after birth so was very interfered with and highly stressful but don't blame the hospital at all, he was very high risk.

My 2nd I saw a public OB - a beautiful lady called Debbie - now a bit of background, you go to your appointment with her quite often to be told wait a few hours or come back another day as she is delivering babies, no matter the time day or night, whether she had clinic patients or not SHE delivered HER babies, she would never allow another OB to do it unless she was on holidays.

On the day I went into labour at 6am, contractions 5 mins apart straightaway, DH was 4 hrs away so I rang the hospital in a panic and they paged her and she rang me, told me when to come in etc, I went in about 10.30 am and was 1/2way there, I went for walks, had a shower and laboured nicely, as previously discussed with her I had an epi put in but only a small amount administered so I could feel my legs and contractions etc, after the epi she went back to her clinic to see other patients, and was called back after my waters broke and I wanted to push, she was with me for the hour that I was pushing, the epi had worn off by this stage and I was screaming and swearing at her to top it up (I DO NOT cope with pain!) but she encouraged me and refused to do it as we had talked about it in her clinic prior to labour and she delivered my beautiful baby girl, as we had also discussed how much I wanted to BF, she sat with me for an hour after the birth til she was satisfied bubs had fed then went back to her clinic and other patients but I was left in the labour room for as long as I needed ( was a couple of hours I think) Then I asked for a shower and DH took bubby to be weighed, I never felt rushed at all and during my stay the midwives were amazing, they helped with every feed and told me to stay til I was confident with feeding, I lvoed every minute of it.

Similar story for #3.

I had been losing my plug and fluid for a few days and I rang the hossy they said if I wanted I could come and be monitored which I decided to do for piece of mind so off we went, 1/2 way to hossy contractions started (had had mild contractions for the week prior) and when I got there they had a look and was3cm so they decided to keep me in, again Debb ie left her clinic to come and see me, my water broke but I was progressing slowly so she went back to clinic, I showered and used a ball for pain and when that wasn;t working had a midwife sit with me with heat on my back while I held heat on my front, Debbie came back after knocking off at the clinic but was still going slowly but bearable.

By about 9.15 I was SCREAMING for an Epi which I had discussed with Debbie prior that I DIDN'T want this time I wanted to give birth just once without it.
The midwives rang her at home and she said no don't give her one, she doesn't want it, I am on my way, I was only 5cms, well she didn't make it in time anyway as I started sucking on gas and had bubs after one push at 9.38pm, I went from 5cms to delivery in just 2mins.
She arrived just as bubs was born and she was still amazing she sat with me while I fed etc, and told me that she was going to get me through it without an epi which I have full faith she could have, she was the most amazing OB and I have told DH that I won't be having anymore kids as I just found out she is not delivering babies anymore!

Again I was left in the delivery room for as long as I needed (even thouth they were all full) and I felt ready to go to my room at around midnight, I had a shower whilse DH held bubs then we both took her to be weighed before taking her to our room, again was supported so much by the amazing staff at the hospital with feeding etc.
I even had her sleep with me a few times and they weren't phased, a few middies told me not to but I did as I pleased!! LOL

So hope you don';t mind me hijacking your forum and like I said I know a lot of you have had and heard about bad experiences at hopitals but I loved my experience and wanted to show they aren't all bad!!
We don't think hospital are "bad" places, it's just a lot of the time they have policies which they tend to force on you like internals with not medical reason, induction for no medical reason, giving drips to make you have more powerful contractions because you aren't dilating "fast enough" as they do have a certain time of how long they usually want you in there or want yoou to be pushing and all that type of stuff. So i think it's more of women who really want a drug free birth and have no real complications during pregnancy then they can birth at home in there own environment. I also think its for those many mothers who've had that normal pregnancy yet in the end they got persuded into things or didn't have enough support or just felt uncomfortable in the hospital and ended up with having a cascade of bad events in her birth which they feel quite dissapointed so then they might choose homebirth for there next birth as the chances of things going wrong and what not are lower, unless there is a medical reason which then a woman would usually be rejected by the homebirth midwife because she WOULD need to be in a hospital.

I've had two hospital births which where great and both drug-free-I see nothing wrong with it but my next child will still be a homebirth if there is no complications. I have already experienced the hospital birth twice and very similar births and I feel like I know how to do it and i would just love to do it all home because there is no need to be at the hospital and also i know the hospital is only down the street from me if something sudden happened. I know you wheren't trying to knock all the home birthers but I thought i'd just say why i think many woman want a home birth.

Don't mind the "hijack" at all, but think TSM hit the nail on the head with why we as women choose to have babies at home vs maybe going to hospital as a FIRST choice.

DS1 was born in a UK hospital, not the "local" one because of too many stuff-ups so no way was I having him there! Even though we "hand picked" our new hospital (had to fight damn hard for it too) and liked the feel of the place when we took the tour, I still felt like a number when I first arrived, though they told me to come in, because they didn't think I was even in labour! I showed them.........hehehehehehe

I had wanted to have him at home but was told that I couldn't because I had never been pregnant, laboured or given birth before and I rolled because I just didn't know any better. Looking back on it later I questioned that reasoning because it makes NO sense. The local birth centre was my next choice, really local (15 minutes from our house) but they didn't take 1st time mothers for the same reasons I got told I couldn't have him at home! He was 6 months old when they changed that policy and I was pissed off! LOL

So thought I don't think hospitals are "bad", I think that they aren't necessarily the safest places to give birth for everyone....just as some don't think home is the safest place.

My hospital birth, for me not wanting to be there, was actually pretty great and the midwife who was there when he was born was wonderful and I am really glad that she was there and not the one I saw on the day shift (she was horrible). I just really don't like hospitals (in general), think they are for sick people, and so felt the safest place for me was to have any future babies at home barring any complications.

Thanks Ladies, sorry it was probabyl a poor choice saying 'bad place' but I know a lot have mentioned hospitals as being rushed etc, they do things against what you want and just wanted to share my experience.

I must admit when I first started reading about home births in here I thought you were all mad! lol But I have looked into it and whilst like I said I would do it for reasons I don't wish to go into, I don't hold it against anyone who does, I think you ladies who do it are amazing, I simply couldn't I don't know if its because of nearly losing my 1st that I always have a slight fear or what it is.

Like I said I really didn't want to offend with this post just wanted to share a nice hossy experiece!
Jess, just remember this part of the forum isn't only for home birth mums, it is also for drug free birth mums as well.

I always hated coming in here because I didn't feel it was a spot for me either, even though I have had 2 drugfree births, and 2 with gas (with 10+ pound babies I am proud of that effort)!!!. All of mine were in hospital.
Having children in hossi doesn't make this part of the forum not for you.
Posted by: ~Ricki~3boys~1girl~
Having children in hossi doesn't make this part of the forum not for you.

Exactly! smile] I personally think we should feel free to wander into any forum we want, not just because we have a personal experience of that section or not.

I think we can be slightly "intimidating" because we do think a certain way, which tends to go against the mainstream. LOL We're really just like anyone else though....just want our children brought into the world in the place we feel safest.

My hospital birth wasn't what I was wanting, though I can't complain because it was a wonderful one compared to some of the stories you hear.

And now I am rambling.........

think we can be slightly "intimidating" because we do think a certain way, which tends to go against the mainstream. LOL We're really just like anyone else though....just want our children brought into the world in the place we feel safest.

Hahaha you intimidating?! Lol having met Christina I can assure you she is one of the nicest people around.

I had a great experience in hossy, but our system over here is slightly different in that independant midwives are the norm and homebirth is a huge part of the Maori culture. Most midwife co-ops have an agreement in place with the hospitals and they still are in charge of your care and not shoved off to the side - which is great as they know all your history and wishes etc etc.

I'm undecided what to do with this next one, I'm seriously considering the birthing unit down the road. I don't know that I feel entirely comfortable with a home birth although I have a friend in the city who is going to try for it with her first (due oct). I have a few months before booking papers are due though smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Posted by: missfit
having met Christina I can assure you she is one of the nicest people around.

Shhhhhhh...............that's a SECRET! PMSL You're pretty special yourself. smile]

I have experience two drug free, hospital births. I was lucky enough not to have any complication with my first two births, and the hospital i went to was amazing.
I live in a small country town, so our hospital does not have on offer any epidurals or caesar's. There was a hospital 20 mins away though that offered these if i required.
I was not rushed at all, had only one interal examination to check on progress and was given all the space i needed.

It was a great way to have my children I only hope i can do the same with my third, due in October!!

Each woman is different and needs to do what is right for her and her baby, whether that is drug free or not, home birth or hospital. Good luck to all those expectant mum's out there planning their births, i hope everyting goes perfectly for you!!
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