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Placenta Question.. Rss

Hi Ladies

I am probably getting a bit ahead of myself here, We have just found out that we are having our 4th bundle of joy in Nov this year. I have had 2 natural deliveries and then an emergency c/s.

With all 3 babies I have had complications with retained placenta, This time round I am hoping for a VBAC (desperatly hoping actally lol) and am intrigued about letting the cord stop pulsating before it is cut, I am wondering if them hurrying the placenta along is what could be part of the problems I have after giving birth?

Any advice or reference that you can give me would be fantastic.

Possibly could be. It maybe one of the wonderful things our bodies, don't get right the first time some we never get a 2nd chance.
I have let both my babies cords stop pulsing and started feding shortly after- best thing to realese oxytocin. Plus baby gets everything (our bodies evolved this way for a reason- is my theroy:>) Hey if you try it natural and it doesn't work atleast you tried!
Drs and researches are WONDERFUL! but syntocin is NOT oxytocin. So hey ask you ob or midwife to let you try.
I thought this was interesting- atleast it will have you asking questions and starting point. good luck with VBAC!!!

[link=][img noborder]http://bf.l

Hi smile

Thanks for that and also thank you for the link, I'm off now to have a look smile
[Edited on 12/03/2009]

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