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  5. And this is why I didin't want to go to Hospital

And this is why I didin't want to go to Hospital Rss

Okay, so it was one of many reasons and I'm sure some of you have seen this by now but:

I had fast labours, DS1 was 3hrs 56min and DS2 was about 90 min (2 hours including delivery of the placenta) so the whole thing is a bit disturbing. When I had DS1 in hospital (UK) I don't think anyone believed me when I said I was in labour, they were going to transfer me off the delivery my waters very kindly broke and I had to stay put. LOL

So glad I went with the home water birth for DS2.


On the same site was a link to another story - well, the same story, but from the grandmothers perspective...

Grandmother accuses hospital of cover-up over toilet baby
OMG thats messed up. My midwife stayed with me the whole time and called the doc when i needed to push. She wouldnt let me out of her site or the room. I cant believe that. That is disgraceful.
wow, I see that is the SAME hospital from that big story last year where the lady miscarried in the toilet.
Cant say I could imagine too many pregnant women lining up for that hospital after 2 such stories surely. You would be MAD if you did thats for sure!
Hi there I want to act as advocate for the hospital. I don't work there but I am trained as a midwife and I know how things are run in hospital.
First about the lady who M/C in the toilet, as tragic as it is (no-one is denying that M/C is tragic)it could simply have happened anywhere, in her own toilet, at the gym, on her way to work. It is just unfortunate that it happened in hospital where people expect miracles, nothing could have saved that pregnancy. It is just hype for the news writers to get a good headline.
And for the woman who birthed in the toilet (which may have shocked everyoe), can I say this happenes all the time, women who have never had children before can sometimes feel they need to have a bowel movement (or else why was she in the toilet) and subsequently give birth. Perhaps the MW didn't know she needed to 'poo' as this is a big indicator birth is imminant and would have acted accordingly. Perhaps there are other reasons for the media hype (no accusations but have they sought a lawyer for compensation).
However it happened, we weren't there and can only judge on what the newspapers write, and they never hype a story or lie do they??????
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