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Do women freebirth in NZ? Lock Rss

I'm really curious. There are quite a few people who opt to freebirth in Australia, as independant midwives are like hens teeth here (and it is user pays), and you pretty much need to book one even before you are pregnant (slight exaggeration), so it seems more and more people are opting to birth without a mw (and some simply choose to do so, regardless of miwife availability)

In NZ, where HB is fully covered by the gov, there are not (I assume) those issues hanging over womens heads, are there still people who would rather birth without a midwife present?
[Edited on 13/01/2008]

homebirthing mum to three boys!

Not sure, had just the one homebirth and it was straightforward without any complications and probably didnt 'need' the midwife there however nothing I would ever choose to do nor would I recommend, nor have I ever heard of people choosing to do this. A church friend had a 'freebirth' I guess, it was only another friend there and her child but that was because the midwife couldnt get there fast enough!!

me 24, hubby 25 four boys age 4 and under :0)

Thanks. I was asking more about people who plan it that way.

Laura Shanley who had her first unassisted childbirth/freebirth in the USA about 20 years ago, and subsequently had 3 more, has written a really good book all about it, "Unassisted Childbirth" it is a very interesting philosophy.

homebirthing mum to three boys!

I have read of cases here and wouldn't contemplate it myself. Firstly while I trust my body I don't have the expertise to spot potential problems and things can escalate quickly. I like the reassurance of having a knowledgable, experienced person to help me if i need it.
At my last birth the midwife was only there for the last 2 hours - took bp twice and delivered the baby. Very non intrusive which I liked but still very grateful she was there.
just a question, what did she do to deliver the baby? How did she do anything to have you say that SHE delivered the baby and not you?

Not taking anything from your post, or picking on you or anything, just asking.
I haven't heard of anyone choosing a freebirth. As I'm pregnant with my first I personally want the reassurance of having a midwife with me to observe and to put my mind at ease. Definitely something I would be interested to learn more about though, possibly for birthing future children.
Happy day,
Love Fern.
My favourite website all about it is Some info is Australia specific, such as birth cert stuff, but most of it is globally applicable <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

homebirthing mum to three boys!

Yes - that would have been some feat from her ymiheer - what I mean is that she protected my bits and held Finn's head as I pushed the rest of him out - was in the birthing pool.

[Edited on 15/01/2008]
I am having a homebirth soon in NZ, I will have 2 midwives here and my hubby and children, I would never consider a freebirth even though I have had no complications with this pregnancy or my other 2 births. the risk is too high if something did happen to go wrong and I wouldnt want to put that pressure or stress on my husband. the norm here is for 2 midwives to be present at a homebirth and its all free, i guess we are lucky we have the choice to do whatever we want.
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