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Surrogacy or IVF Rss

Also my bottom line is that in some situations, this ideal concept is not possible due to certain medical conditions, the age of the prospective mother, having a history of miscarriage, etc. So, from the perspective of heterosexual couples, surrogacy is a major advantage because it allows them to create a family in spite of not being able by natural means. There is, however, a negative side in this: The high cost of this treatment, which may not be within the grasp of everyone. Sadly enough, but even if intended parents have everything in place, facts such as religious beliefs, historical background, laws, and the influence of certain family members can prevent them from entering into a surrogacy arrangement. For same-sex couples and single parents, it is clear that surrogacy is not only a major advantage, but actually the only chance for them to become parents, as in the case of gay male couples and single fathers. In fact, it brings them the possibility of having a baby and share their genes with him or her. Also, another positive of surrogacy if compared to traditional adoption is that it allows intended parents to have a child who has the genes of at least one of them. With adoption, this is not possible, as the child was conceived by another couple. Finally, it should be clear that a pregnancy is not a mathematical equation and many factors can influence the process. For this reason, there are time factors involved that all the parties involved should take into consideration.
As to the cost of the tx. I agree 100 per cent that surrogacy has been a blessing for many infertile couples and it hurts really bad to read about the stories of women who waited for years in order to start the process. we, on the other hand, did not wait even 2 months for our SM to be matched. We paid a fraction of what we would have to if we decided to stay in the US. But you need to know what to do to find the best option for yourself. we flew to Ukraine and signed with WCOB agency in order to reduce potential expenses. and even though the tickets are costly it still does not even match the prices we would've paid if not for WCOB.
Couples facing infertility have a lot of difficult choices to make. But the aim's the same - The woman desperately wants to experience the joy of pregnancy. If no – then have sb else to carry the baby for her. Surrogacy allows all those dreams come true. The point is to choose the highly respectable, reputable place to be treated at. Which is never easy though. Surrogacy laws vary from country to country. and they can change quickly!! If you're considering the USA for undergoing surrogacy, first and foremost, the surrogate must reside in a state where commercial surrogacy isn’t prohibited. If it is against a state’s law, the court can determine the contract void and participants may even face criminal charges!! Working with a reputable agency is the only way to mitigate these risks. Also having the contracts well explained protects both the intended parents’ and the surrogate’s rights. While a surrogate has rights, the right to keep the child is not one of them in the most of the countries where surrogacy is legal. Once legal parenthood is established, the surrogate has no legal rights to the child and she cannot claim to be the legal mother. In the same vein, the contract protects the surrogate from any kind of legal or medical responsibility for the child. A reputable clinic will always do the comprehensive screening. It includes a full mental health evaluation, clinical interview, and records review. A surrogate should be well educated on the physical and medical implications of surrogacy to make the best decision for her.
I personally found this very surrogacy treatment plan at Bio tex com the best.~
#VIP Surrogacy Package (waiting time: up to-2,5 months) 49.900 euros. It consists of:
Medical Part:
Medical tests and checks for all participants of the program (intended parents, surrogate mother and egg donor).
Medications for all participants of the program (Intended Parents, Surrogate Mother and Egg Donor).
Unlimited IVF cycles.
Pregnancy care (pregnancy monitoring) for the Surrogate Mother.
DNA paternity test in their partnering laboratory.
PGD service to detect the possible genetic abnormalities and sex of a baby(s) (if indicated). In case of the premature birth all the expenses related to additional medical treatment, special medical equipment utilization etc. are covered by them from the first day of birth. The child´s doctor attends the baby every day. Besides customers are provided with the 24/7 phone consultation of a leading English-speaking pediatrician and if needed this leading pediatrician visits the baby upon the request. In case of miscarriage compensation to a surrogate mother is paid by them.
Customers are provided with the complete physical checkup of the baby(s) by the focused
Customers can be present during the delivery and stay with a baby in the maternity hospital in separate room until the discharge.
Needed injections are performed by the coming nurse domiciliary - in the apartments where the customers are staying.
Customers can be provided with the services of the surrogate mother who has already had the experience of a surrogacy.
Legal Support and Paperwork:
Surrogacy contract elaborations.
Support on the final stage of the process for obtaining the birth certificate for a baby(s) and travel documents for them to leave the country.
Organization and Coordination:
VIP service for the clients in the days of visits (no waiting list, etc/.)
Customers are provided with the babysitter services from 9 o´clock in the morning till 6 o´clock in the evening.
Customers are provided with the VIP support package: transportation, food based on the restaurant menu, separate apartment, services of attending housemaid, a car with a personal driver, smartphone and SIM card of Ukrainian mobile operator. Accommodation is provided for four (4) months after birth.
Customers are provided with the newborn package - all the things needed to take care of a newborn baby.
This is just one of the treatment plans available with them. I'm sure one can choose what suits her better.
Try to consider all the pros and cons of both procedures.
Specific steps of an IVF cycle carry risks, including:
Multiple births. IVF increases the risk of multiple births if more than one embryo is implanted in your uterus. A pregnancy with multiple fetuses carries a higher risk of early labor and low birth weight than pregnancy with a single fetus does.
Premature delivery and low birth weight. Research suggests that use of IVF slightly increases the risk that a baby will be born early or with a low birth weight.
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Use of injectable fertility drugs, such as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), to induce ovulation can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, in which your ovaries become swollen and painful.
Signs and symptoms typically last a week and include mild abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If you become pregnant, however, your symptoms might last several weeks. Rarely, it's possible to develop a more-severe form of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome that can also cause rapid weight gain and shortness of breath.
Miscarriage. The rate of miscarriage for women who conceive using IVF with fresh embryos is similar to that of women who conceive naturally — about 15 to 25 percent — but the rate increases with maternal age. Use of frozen embryos during IVF, however, may slightly increase the risk of miscarriage.
Egg-retrieval procedure complications. Use of an aspirating needle to collect eggs could possibly cause bleeding, infection or damage to the bowel, bladder or a blood vessel. Risks are also associated with general anesthesia, if used.
Ectopic pregnancy. About 2 to 5 percent of women who use IVF will have an ectopic pregnancy — when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube. The fertilized egg can't survive outside the uterus, and there's no way to continue the pregnancy.
Birth defects. The age of the mother is the primary risk factor in the development of birth defects, no matter how the child is conceived. More research is needed to determine whether babies conceived using IVF might be at increased risk of certain birth defects. Some experts believe that the use of IVF does not increase the risk of having a baby with birth defects.
Ovarian cancer. Although some early studies suggested there may be a link between certain medications used to stimulate egg growth and the development of a specific type of ovarian tumor, more recent studies do not support these findings.
Stress. Use of IVF can be financially, physically and emotionally draining. Support from counselors, family and friends can help you and your partner through the ups and downs of infertility treatment.
Infertility evaluation can be expensive, and sometimes involves uncomfortable procedures. Many medical plans may not reimburse the cost of fertility treatment. Finally, there's no guarantee - even after all the testing and counseling - that you'll get pregnant. This is the hardest though with IVF.
@Dear C_Lains,
Thank you so much for the info provided! Very detailed indeed! smile I believe the first step in any surrogacy process is to carefully consider whether surrogacy is right for you. Becoming a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy can be a long and emotional journey. It is definitelya big commitment for both parties!! Just like with any major decision, couples should carefully research surrogacy laws. They should consider its pros and cons. They should even speak with various surrogacy professionals to truly understand if surrogacy is that very way out for them. For prospective surrogates becoming a surrogate is a life-changing decision. It can be extremely fulfilling. But it is not without its challenges. Surrogacy requires a woman to commit to another family for a year or more as she undergos medical and psychological evaluations and procedures. Endures all of the challenges related to pregnancy and labor. And carry a baby that isn’t her own actually. But many women accept these challenges. They believe the positives far outweigh the negatives. Please, everyone, remember! If you remain uncertain about surrogacy or need more information before making your decision, consider reaching out to a surrogacy agency or attorney to learn more about whether surrogacy is right for you and whether you are ready for the surrogacy process!
There are many reasons to consider growing your family through surrogacy (Whether you are a couple who has struggled with infertility, a member of the LGBT community or are looking to expand your family as a single parent.) Before you begin the surrogacy process, it is important to educate yourself about the risks and benefits of the process. You should ensure that you are ready to fully commit to the process. Hopeful parents considering surrogacy should be aware of the financial and emotional investment required. If you or your spouse are struggling with the decision to become parents through surrogacy, again turn to a specialist.
Surrogacy creates miracles nowadays. After the long surrogacy process, the birth of the baby is a life-changing event for both the surrogate and the intended parents. Most times, the intended parents will join the surrogate at the hospital for this momentous experience.
After the baby is born and the surrogate is discharged from the hospital, the new family and surrogate can all return home, the parents with their new baby and the surrogate with the satisfaction of giving the selfless gift of parenthood to someone who couldn’t do it on their own. This makes the whole process really awesome smile
Jeneliasmith5 wrote:
Hello ladies. I am new to the forum. I have read many posts and its good to see people giving honest suggestions to each other. I have tried conceiving thrice. All in vain. After every 10-12 weeks, my pregnancy results in a miscarriage. I have now lost all my hopes. My husband wants to be a dad. I also want to enjoy the journey of motherhood. It feels so bad at times. Many people have suggested us for IVF and surrogacy. What should we really do? Which option is good for us? I hope I get my answer soon. Thanks to you guys.

Yes! after two Miscarriages, I personally stopped trying naturally. Same, I'd suggest to you. I'm having an IVF later in August at a centre in Kyiv. So, yeah! That's how it works! I hope you become a mother soon. You and your DH need to stick together this harder time. smile
Hi, lovelies! We all are in the same boat struggling infertility. And I'm glad we have each other whilst this challenging journey. My story is like hundreds of others. But sometimes I'm so thrilled about everything I begin thinking I'm alone with my trouble. Having it doubled, even tripled – no one else has! What a silly thing! Well, I'm ripe age. I've been diagnosed on endometriosis and PCOS. Have lapo behind. Done for the most part to get rid off pain, not to boost our conceiving chances. Due to the last testing they gave us only 5-8% verdict of conceiving with OE. That's why we had to look onto egg donation programs. Also did our best to get used to the fact the baby won't be biologically related to me. At the moment we're nursing our LO) We were considering to book the program for 5 attempts as I had little hope about conceiving from the first attempts. This may sound not like a positive outlook but I'm just staying realistic. Blessings.
Hi there. I have no personal experience with sorrogacy. Not we (me with endo and POF - passed ivf with de) but a couple we know well. She kept on talking about #1 legislation base as for surrogacy #2 financial side #3 country. After considering the facts they stopped at Ukrainian clinics. In most medical centers, you can be approved for surrogacy program only if they are absolutely confident that the very first attempt will be successful. Their clinic was ready to bear financial risks of all following attempts of conceiving and carrying pregnancy. These were all medical expenses including fees for surrogate mother and egg donor. All unforeseen and urgent expenses - preterm birth, caesarian section and rehabilitation. As far as I know, according to the Ukrainian legislation, intended parents are legal parents of the baby born by surrogate mother. Their names are written in the baby’s birth certificate. And which is the most important - surrogate mother has no right to keep the baby after delivery. Sources are full of stories concerning this point. You should be careful with all the info. Best of luck, hope this helps a bit. At least I've taken my efforts..Good luck!
Commercial surrogacy is legal in the Ukraine since 2002. But it is only available to married heterosexual couples. Couples also have to demonstrate that they require surrogacy. They have too provide suitable evidence such as the absence or deformation of the uterus to include adhesions or scar tissue. Risk to the health of the mother or potential child through pregnancy or by providing evidence of having 4 failed IVF attempts. The IP of a child born through surrogacy are considered to be biological parents from the moment of conception. They are specifically named as biological parents in the birth certificate without any mentioning of the surrogate mother. Importantly the gestational surrogate has no legal claim over the child!!
So if you choose this very treatment path or IVF using own eggs, then these tips might be helpful for you:
Tips which help to improve our egg quality.
Get at least 8, 8oz. glasses of pure water every day. Dehydration can cause your blood to become thick and decrease circulation in the body, as well as many other issues. Make sure to drink purified water that is NOT bottled in plastic. An easy way to get a head start every morning, is to put a quart of water next to your bed when you go to sleep. You can then drink a quart of water upon rising and you are half way done with your water intake for the day.
Exercise. Find something to do that includes movement, such as tennis, walking, running, dancing, or fertility yoga. Exercise increases the blood flow in the body, brings fresh blood to all of the cells and helps to oxygenate the blood.
Get Abdominal or Fertility Massage. One of the best therapies for increasing blood flow to the reproductive system is by massaging your uterus and ovaries. Massage helps to bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the ovaries and removes old stagnant blood. You can have a massage therapist perform abdomen massage or find a therapist who specializes in fertility or Maya abdominal massage.
Top foods for egg health: royal jelly, maca, fertiligreens, broccoli, berries, dark leafy veggies, halibut, salmon, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric, ginger.
Use supplements, your dr will advise.
Also I should admit that sometimes, IVF is offered as a primary treatment for infertility in women over age 40. IVF can also be done if you have certain health conditions. For example, IVF may be an option if you or your partner has:
Fallopian tube damage or blockage. Fallopian tube damage or blockage makes it difficult for an egg to be fertilized or for an embryo to travel to the uterus.
Ovulation disorders. If ovulation is infrequent or absent, fewer eggs are available for fertilization.
Premature ovarian failure. Premature ovarian failure is the loss of normal ovarian function before age 40. If your ovaries fail, they don't produce normal amounts of the hormone estrogen or have eggs to release regularly.
Endometriosis. Endometriosis occurs when the uterine tissue implants and grows outside of the uterus. often affecting the function of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.
Uterine fibroids. Fibroids are benign tumors in the wall of the uterus and are common in women in their 30s and 40s. Fibroids can interfere with implantation of the fertilized egg.
Previous tubal sterilization or removal. If you've had tubal ligation. a type of sterilization in which your fallopian tubes are cut or blocked to permanently prevent pregnancy and want to conceive, IVF may be an alternative to tubal ligation reversal.
Impaired sperm production or function. Below-average sperm concentration, weak movement of sperm (poor mobility), or abnormalities in sperm size and shape can make it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg. If semen abnormalities are found, your partner might need to see a specialist to determine if there are correctable problems or underlying health concerns.
Unexplained infertility. Unexplained infertility means no cause of infertility has been found despite evaluation for common causes.
A genetic disorder. If you or your partner is at risk of passing on a genetic disorder to your child, you may be candidates for preimplantation genetic diagnosis. a procedure that involves IVF. After the eggs are harvested and fertilized, they're screened for certain genetic problems, although not all genetic problems can be found. Embryos that don't contain identified problems can be transferred to the uterus.
Well, doing injections is really horrible, but for the first timer it could be even more.
So here are some tips to ease the pain of the dreaded progesterone injections. First, warm the progesterone either to a comfortable room temperature or body temperature. You can also prepare the site of the injection using ledocaine but it requires a doc’s prescription.
Then this is good to learn to relax muscles. If you have help, lie flat on your stomach, with toes inward. Another method is to stand up against a table or other support, with your leg bent, relaxing the muscle, while someone else gives you the injection.
Then the injection itself. Keep the dry skin tight and smooth. Try to insert the needle into the skin quickly. After injection’s done massage its site. After about 30-60 seconds apply hot water bottle and continue massaging area. Also keep warm compress further.
I do agree with Zoe! I think opting for surrogacy is a good idea. I know a lot of people who have been able to opt for the process and it has worked for them. For the process, it is very important that the clinic that you choose is right. I have also opted for the same clinic. They are doing a really good job. Everything is being done in the most structured way. The services they offer are really good. The clinic sent the driver to the airport for us! They provide proper facilities. There is proper accommodation and food that is provided. Apart from that, they behave in the nicest way possible. I think for me this was a win-win situation. Good luck to all. I hope the process goes well.
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