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I lost my first baby Rss

Hi, ladies! I am not sure I have to share this or not. I got pregnant two years but not my child. Now I am facing infertility issue. At the age of 33, I am losing my hope to get the baby. Few days I ago I searched about the process of having a baby and how to get rid of infertility issue. I am still not sure what should I do and how to be more clear about infertility issue.

After the loss of a baby, I don't want to take any risk. I really want to be sure about everything and want to get rid of it. I am still reading a lot about infertility issue. I have read a lot of stories about infertility issue and relationships. It seems it connected to me. As I was trying a lot of doctors and nurses I found out few things about it. I have a 20% chance to have a baby and It still takes time.

It can hard but I am not sure what should I do? should i go with or concern to more doctors. Whatever I want the baby in my life and I really want to change my perception about my life. Infertility really sucks!

Much Love!
Infertility definitely sucks but the first and foremost thing that you can do is that have faith and patience. This stress can lead to depression and anxiety and in case you want to make use of your 20% chance, you need to get rid of this feeling. But first things first let me tell you how you can get rid of infertility. Before calling your doctor, you can do these home treatments that can reduce the risk of infertility. Have a good diet as diet is one thing which can change your body performance. Go for high fiber and protein rich whole grain foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. Track your fertile days, there are lots of apps available to track these days. Try having sex everyday once you enter your fertile period as it will increase your chances of conceiving. If you are very active, try avoiding strenuous exercise and do some low intensity exercises like walk, yoga etc. Avoid junk foods and most importantly alcohol if you are planning to conceive. Have proper rest and get enough sleep with proper nutrition and improving your lifestyle. Stressful activities must be avoided and medicines like anti-depressants also must be avoided. Infertility is not a problem with women but with men as well so have your partner tested as well. Lastly meet the doctors and get the treatments done for you and your partner so that the chances of conception could be known. You are just 33 years old and you can still have a baby so don’t lose hope at all. Best wishes!
Hello, sorry to hear about your infertility issue you are going through. If you want a permanent solution to infertility in a cost effective way you must go through all the advance medical research based technologies. First of all, don’t be disappointed and think positive. There are a lot of infertility treatments available but I will suggest you the best stable and perfect match according to what I know about your medical history as you described. I have myself gone through the same situation. I hope my solution stands genuine for you and helps you to fight infertility. Before beginning, I will say you to stay positive and keep a positive attitude toward it rather than a negative one as this will help you to stay strong mentally.
You should not get panicked due to this situation. There are various medical treatments you can opt to beat infertility. I still remember the gynecologist I visited in Ukraine. She provided me such reliable solution based on my medical history. You can find thousands of medical research study which has become the boon for infertility. She suggested me the natural way to beat infertility which started with switching my diet into healthy and proper once. She told me to start with an exercise to maintain good blood circulation in the body. She told me to intake vitamins to overcome my deficiencies. In my next appointment with her, she told me about the IVF technology which is popular knows as test tube baby. This method has high success rate and is a genuine solution for infertility. In this process, you are the one who selects the donor which I found the best part of IVF. You may find it hard to believe but I am the mother of two babies both of them are twins. I am very thankful to the gynecologist. I hope you got all the relevant information from my post.

I have been working on the things that help me to change my life. I believe IVF is really good way to get a baby in life. It is not working for me.

I am trying hard.
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