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Our Story - Miscarriage Rss

A similar thing happened to me. My first pregnancy was ectopic so I lost the baby and a tube. I wasn't really too upset about it. Just a bit traumatised by the whole emergency situation and surgery. I moved on and didn't grieve or feel the need to grieve. I didn't see what all the fuss was about esp as it was so early (7 weeks).

Then my 2nd pregnancy was successful and I had my little boy. As I bonded with him in those first weeks and months I suddenly realised what I had lost the first time around and THEN I grieved and felt sad about the other little person I had never met.

Something similar happened to me to me too. After I delivered my DD it hit me what I had missed out on with my miscarriages even more, and I needed to grieve all over again, I found talking to someone really helpful and the amazing ladies from PLA (pregnancy loss Australia), sent an info pack and I had a chat to them and felt much better about it.

Hi Ladies I am new to forums and dont really understand alot of the abreviations. I have a healthy 9yr daughter to my first partner who was violent. I have been with my husband for 5 years married 1.5yrs and all I haven't wanted was a baby to him as I went through my first pregnancy alone as I had left him prior to finding out I was pregnant! We finally fell pregnant and at 6 weeks I miscarried it hit me harder than a freight train however I thought I recovered quiet well and within 4-5 days was feeling better about things I had a pre planned trip to see some life long friends with my daughter, the day we flew out we received a call to say my 18yr old step daughter was 6 weeks pregnant and that broke me while I was extremely happy for her and her partner I felt that it should be me and couldn't talk to her until today (4 wks on). Nearly 5 weeks on from my mc and I still dont have my period to try and work my cycle out again. I am unsure if this is "normal". Anyway I am thinking I might start my own post on getting your period after mc.
Andie.Berg wrote:
I am extremely sorry to hear about your first loss. Everyone is different with emotions. You realized after you experienced the birth. However, I am glad your second pregnancy went smooth. This is something that really matters. Don't be sad. Focus on the current situation now. Stay strong and positive.

I agree with Andie. It is soo important to not lose hope. Heartbreakings like these really tear us apart. However, a new start can make things a lot better. Keep yourself busy! This will help you move on in life. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.
Your story made me sad and glad at the same time. I'm so sorry you faced the heartbreak of the ectopic. and then lost one of your tubes. From the other hand I'm happy for you you've managed to get prego for the 2nd time around and gave birth to your beautiful baby. wub I want to believe time will heal your wounds so that you'll focus more on enjoying time spent together with your LO more than grieving. May God be always with you. Hugs.
Congratulations to you! I am glad that things finally worked out for you. After a loss, the only source of recovery is having a safe pregnancy. I am so happy for you. We just had our first after a struggle of 6 years. It was a tough journey. However, I am glad that I didn't give up all these years. Stay positive and strong.
To deal with ectopic is nerve wrecking, surely. I remember I went to the doctors and they had me change into a gown and sign consent forms. The nurse said my veins were rolling away and had to poke me twice in my left arm. I almost had a panic attack. The anesthesiologist did it in seconds. In the procedure room I was comfortable with blankets on me and I had smiling nurses next to me. I had a heart monitor, pulse monitor and oxygen on me and then the anesthesiologist started me with a small amount of the medicine which made me feel comfortable and a little bit tired. The worst though was when I became nauseous and I threw up on the way home. This probably wouldn't have happened if I took the anti nausea medicine like was prescribed but I didn't have it on me so I took it afterwards. I knew everything passed well. I didn't loose my tube - dr was brilliant! But sadness and sorrow was in my heart for that very cycle didn't work..As things looked so good..Well, anyway, I'm glad to hear people keep optimistic whatever happens to them. We're true bravies, aren't we smile God's blessings to everyone on this child making path.
I am so sorry for you. I can understand how hard this must have been for you. However, I am glad that things worked for you eventually. Just think positively now. Live in the moment. I am in the middle of the process and I am trying for things to work. I hope things work for us as well. Prayers needed.
I am extremely sorry to hear about your first loss. Everyone is different with emotions. You realized after you experienced the birth. However, I am glad your second pregnancy went smooth. This is something that really matters. Don't be sad. Focus on the current situation now. Stay strong and positive.
If a miscarriage happens during the 1st trimester of pregnancy, it's usually caused by problems with the foetus. About 3 in every 4 miscarriages happen during this period..This statistics is very sad indeed, our tiny beans face the hugest issues during this very period of time. If a miscarriage happens after the first trimester of pregnancy, it may be the result of things like an underlying health condition in the mother.
Late miscarriages may also be caused by an infection around the baby. This usually leads to the bag of waters breaking before any pain or bleeding. Sometimes they can be caused by the neck of the womb opening too soon. First trimester miscarriages are often caused by problems with the chromosomes of the foetus. Chromosome problems - Chromosomes are blocks of DNA. They contain a detailed set of instructions that control a wide range of factors, from how the cells of the body develop to what colour eyes a baby will have. Sometimes something can go wrong at the point of conception and the foetus receives too many or not enough chromosomes. The reasons for this are often unclear, but it means the foetus won't be able to develop normally, resulting in a miscarriage. This is very unlikely to recur. It doesn't necessarily mean there's any problem with you or your partner. Placental problems. The placenta is the organ linking the mother's blood supply to her baby's. If there's a problem with the development of the placenta, it can also lead to a miscarriage.
Several long-term (chronic) health conditions can increase your risk of having a miscarriage in the second trimester, especially if they’re not treated or well controlled.. Infections. Food poisoning. Medicines - to be sure a medicine is safe in pregnancy, always check with your doctor, midwife or pharmacist before taking it. Womb structure. PCOS. Weakened cervix, others. I hope the following info might be useful for you~
The inability to conceive a child in a natural way is definitely a huge tragedy for thousands of couples all over the world. Families facing infertility spend a lot of money and years of tcc in order to achieve a long-awaited pregnancy. Fortunately nowadays we've got lots of options to beat infertility. And there ARE methods that allow the majority to become parents. Even in the most hopeless cases!!
Mitochondrial donation is one of such unique methods. I usually write about it because the method is really amazing. It allows a woman who couldn’t conceive a baby for years to get pregnant and carry a healthy child. The correct work of egg mitochondria, that is their active functionality contributes to the successful conception. Consequently, if there's the issue with this activity, then it is necessary to implant healthy donor mitochondria. The mitochondrial donation program includes three main elements: #1 A donor with normal healthy mitochondria. # 2 A mother’s egg cell. # 3 Father’s sperm cell. Donor mitochondria allow the eggs of the infertile patient to work as it is necessary for successful conception. At the same time, a donor egg cell is not needed. Only mitochondria with high functional activity!! This method is highly effective for 40+ women to become pregnant, who aren't willing to conceive through ivf with donor egg. It is also designated for patients who have faced numerous IVF failures. Thanks to the new method, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase significantly. It is much easier to achieve the desired pregnancy with functionally active mitochondria.
In Ukraine, such a program is carried out only by ** clinic located in Kiev. With the necessary equipment, a team of professional specialists with international experience, as well as loyal legislation in the field of ART, Ukrainian doctors successfully introduce modern methods of infertility treatment, mitochondria donation is among them.
hree-parent baby program allows thousands of infertile women all around the world to carry and give birth to genetically related to them babies. The package costs depend on the number of attempts. Also the prices for mitochondrial donation programs are inevitably increasing. I know for sure that in August the prices are the following: 6500 EUR - 1 shot with mitochondrial replacement. 9900 EUR - 2 shots. 14900 EUR - 5 shots. Just discuss with your dr. Stay well, honey, and all the very best to you x
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