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My sisters Miscarraige Rss

My sister was 7 weeks pregnant.. and she had a bleed 5 days ago... No pains... just dark brown blood and a few clots... then bright red small amounts... then went to a pinkish colour (very very light)... And not really bleeding for the last day...
She went to hospital on the day of the bleed... they said she would have to wait 2days and go have an ultrrasound... she had the ultrasound and there was a baby but no heartbeat...
She then went to her doctor... he sent her for a blood test to see what blood group she was... and told her to go to our closest big hospital then following day to have the baby removed... She went to the hospital to only be told they need to check her hormonne level as they will not take the baby out without that been checked as sometimes the heartbeat cant be heard at that stage... but the doctor did say its more then likely gone...
But after all this she is still waiting till her bloods come back to go back to hospital for results and the curette ? Its just sooo confusing.. her and her partner are getting their hopes up thinking that the baby might still be there...
I dont know anything about miscarraiges .. ive never had one either has my mum or other sisters.... but the drs are telling us very little... and i just think they have left this so long... the poor girl is heartbroken sad this is her second misscarriage (1st one she didnt even know she was really pregnant when she had it. she was around 4wk mark then)

hugs love hugs XXXX
Im not sure exactly what to say - having never been through it myself. All I can say is Im very sorry that your sister and family are going through this sad I hope she has the baby she wants very soon
Thats acctually good compared to what some ppl and myself have gone through... heartbreaking none the less but when i went for my ultrasound there was no heart beat at 8weeks 2 days i was ment to be 8 week 4 days so baby died only 2 days prior to the ultrasound...then i had to wait to the next day to see my dr and get bloods then wait another 3 days after the results came in and have more bloods to make sure it was still dropping then had to carry my dead baby around for 2 more weeks until i could get in to have a curette.. i just wanted it out so i could start again but now i cant even seam to get a period only had one period since then which was in june and this happened in may....and i didnt even ovulate that cycle:| i hope your sister manages to get in.... fingers crossed for her XX
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