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hi all just a vent really 1 year today i found out that we were expecting and the great part at the time is its my birthday but today i just want him so bad i wish he was here so i could have a good day and not miss him like mad

for those of you that doesn't know i lost my son at 22 weeks in oct last year due to spina bifida and believe me it has never been so hard in all my likfe and i have been through alot but this tops it all off. i have been trying for another bub with the only luck a mc in may so a little hurtful atm.

sorry for the vent but i really needed it

thats horrible im so sorry, any time you need to just let things out feel free to msg, im so sorry for your losses : (
i had a m/c at 12 weeks dec 1st due has been now 15th june and that was to much for me to deal with i got so stressed i fond out the other day i have been having minor heart attacks so it is really important to let it all out,

aww thanx yeah has its ups and downs

love you lots Cindy, I'm always sending you cyber hugs
jayson i miss you so much every day but we have now found out were expecting a brother or sister for you i am a little scared but your big sis can't wait

well the time has come on sunday is 1 year since we lost you and its so hard cause i am currently 19 weeks preg with your brother or sister and i have my scan tomorrow to find out if this bub is healthy or not. i miss you oh so much every night you are in my dreams and i would love to know what you would have turned out like
i love you little man and i miss you oh so much i can't explain it

Just checking in to see how your scan went.

Thinking of you.

May your angel baby forever rest in peace. xx
[Edited on 30/10/2009]

hi and thank you for writting my scan went well everything is ok with this little bubba cooking very nicley

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