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First Period After a Miscarriage Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I recently had a miscarriage and wondered how long it took everyone to get their first period back. What was your first period like ie heavy etc as my obstetrician told me the first period would be unusual. I also wondered if anyone experienced nausea before their first period. I know I am definitely not pregnant again but have been experiencing nausea the past few day and was wondering whether that had anything to do with my hormones out of whack after the miscarriage. Any info or other people's experiences would be appreciated as this is unknown territory for me as I have never had a MC before.

Thanks in advance

Hi Kate,
I just got my period back yesterday after an ectopic pregnancy. It took just over 5 weeks to return. I also expected it to be heavier or more painful but so far it is completely like a normal period. I haven't had any nausea so I couldn't tell you if has anything to do with it. Hope that helps although it could be really different with different people!

Take care,

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your reply. I am hoping my next period will be just like a normal period. I reckon it should be as I bled 7 weeks after my first D & C until they finally realised that I had retained tissue and required a 2nd D & C. You would think there couldn't be much left in there!!! Sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. Apparently my pregnancy was unbelievably close to being ectopic, the retained tissue was found at the very opening to my right fallopian tube so could have gone either way!

Oh well I suppose all I can do is wait and see when my next period comes. I never thought I would ever be so keen to get my period back!!

Take Care

Hi I had a m/c in Feb...and it took about 4 weeks to get a period and it was different to my normal periods...sorry for the TMI but I usually have heavy periods but this one was a bit lighter and didn't last as long as my cycle usually did...none since have to be honest (though they did become heavy at the start again)...I too felt nausea....and have had super tender breasts each cycle since...Guess it takes just as long for our bodies to get back to normal as it does after birth hormones are out of whack for a while in both instances...I don't remember if the same thing happened after my first m/c too long ago now and I didn't really want to think about it much less remember it...I am sure what you are feeling is normal for some...However if you are worried you should speak to your doctor...Hope this helps

Take Care
Thought I would give you some hope. I had a miscarriage on April 4 and I just found out that I am four weeks pregnant, due Feb 2010. I got a period 4 weeks after my DandC and then got pregnant the next cycle. I imagine I will be very nervous for the next few months. Good luck to you. A very wise lady once told me, you don't pick your baby, your baby picks you..

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

mine only took 4 weeks and it was horrible and has been ever since, and i get very depressed every time too because i should still be pregnant
im sorry for your loss

I miscarried at the begining of May and I am still waiting for my first period also. It is a bit frustrating as I feel like I cant move forward until I have had my period. I have started feeling a bit sick and thought I might be pregnant again so I did a test, it was negative so maybe feeling sick is normal for some people.
I had my d&c Monday 20th April, bled for 2 weeks and I'm still waiting for my first af. What am I at? 8/9 weeks? I did a test the other week n it was positive, had some bloods but they decreased so it seems that it was left over hormones. But for the last week I've been having eggy cm with an orange-y colour to it. Oh well, still waiting!

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