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what to wear in labour? Rss

Was just wondering what everyone dressed in while in labour.

I packed an old button up maternity shirt but in the end I just wore the tie up hospital gown... very loose and big.

I'm glad I did as it was a matter of chucking the dirty thing in the wash and not having to worry about washing my own top.

Up to you eh. My neice wore an oversized T shirt but ended up ripping it off as it was to constrictive on her.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

i took a large old nightie but ended up naked.
I am a very self concious person but in labour i didn't care at all.

i just wore that ugly thing they give you in the hospital LOL
was easy access for the drs and i didnt even notice it on until i got off of the bed and realised half the world could see my behind but by that stage everyone had already had a good look down there so it didnt really matter

thanks for all your advice!

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I was taken from the ward first thing in the morning, so I was just in a nightie, it came off at some stage not sure when. I had an epi and know that I had it on when they did that as I remember pulling it up for access.

During labour you just don't care as long as you are comfy

currently being updated please check back later.

I went in at 2:30am in my pj's and ended up naked after having a long shower then getting in the bath for the majority of it. I'm also very self conscious but you loose all inhibitions when in the moment. Didn't bother putting anything on when I got out to have him.

I wore some shorts and an oversized t-shirt then just before starting to push they helped me change into a gown. I could have changed ealier but as it was a nice day I wanted to walk in the garden as much as possible and didnt want to show my bottom to the whole world! lol
With my first i was going to wear a nightie, but as I was in the shower and bath most of the labour I ended up wearing nothing. My second I wore a t-shirt, his labour was pretty quick so I didn't really have time to take it off, got really hot in it though. With my third I wore a singlet but I even got hot in that.

lol i swear i wore a jumper during labour, well its what i came in wearing anyway i dont remember getting changed haha

i wore a plus sized mans polo shirt when I was in labour. that was it

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