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  5. Does ur hospital let partners stay overnight?

Does ur hospital let partners stay overnight? Rss

hey just wondering who's hospitals let their partners stay overnight?
Not many I don't think! The only ones I've heard of are usually if you're covered by private health.

Someone in my antenatal class for my last pregnancy asked about this & they made the comment that other women in the ward would feel uncomfortable with strange men walking around in the middle of the night. Personally I think they have every right to be there, its their baby as much as it is yours. Plus most of us need the attention, support & care that partners can offer at this stage- especially for first time mums who don't know what they're doing! (Not that Dad does either, but it certainly takes a load off when you can share the responsibilty/pressures of a newborn).

Carlie, Ella & Ky

nope mine doesnt

he gets visiting hours of 9am-9pm though.
everyone else gets 4pm-6pm i think

but i dont mind, gives me time to bond with bub by myself.


Yes my hospital does let partners stay over night it is a private hospital though.

if it is covered by your health insurance it costs nothing but if not you can pay a fee and they get all meals provided aswell. some rooms even have double beds for you and if you get a single bed room they bring in a bed to go beside yours.

unfortunatly we will not be able to take this option as hubby will have to look after our other bub during the night

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I enjoyed having a rest from my husband!!!!

He obviously slept at home when our first was born, but was able to have open access as far as visiting hours was concerned.

I found it nice to 'find your feet' with the baby by myself anyway.

This time round (due 26/08) he will have to mind our son so there is no choice anyway.

Hi Chkrca

The hospital i had bubby in didnt let my partner stay over night.. even if there was a spare bed in the room he couldnt..

It sucked because i had our 1st baby n i felt quite lonely the night i had her but he did stay a while after the birth n stayed the whole of visiting hour while i was in hospital..He evn stayed longer than he was supposed to n they never said anything.

Bec xox smile .
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