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3rd pregnancy Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this? I'm 39 weeks pregnancy with our 3rd child. Both kids were born at 38 weeks so I thought this one would have been early also. Last week for 2 days straight I was having quite strong braxton hicks and a little cramps so I figured labour was imminent. Now, I got nothing. No pains, no BH nothi g. The baby is still moving.
The day after my BH I had a midwife app so she sent me to get the baby monitored just to make sure it wasn't stressed or anything and they said it was fine.

I'm just wondering if anyone has been like that before and then everything went away????
When I was pregnant with DD (around 39 weeks) I had a day where I was getting BH all day. In the evening they started getting more frequent and painful. I had painful ones for maybe 3 hours and they had increased to between 5 and 10 mins apart. I thought that must have been it and went to bed to see if I could rest a little before things really got going. But after a while in bed they stopped completely. It was really frustrating!

I don't think I had any BH at all for the next couple of days until the day I went into labour.

Good luck!

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