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What are your contractions like? Rss

A midwife at the birth centre got me thinking, as I mentioned that I found the wheat bags sooo helpful on my tummy during labour, and she said that it was unusual, as people generally find them helpful on their backs.

My pains are purely down low at the front, like the worst period pains you can ever imagine, and as labour progresses they get stronger and stronger, but nowhere else on my tummy or back.

So my question is what are your labour pains like?

From what I remember , mine where the same as you. I don't remember any back pain, my period pain is the same also - always in the front, I could never understand how some ladies day they get the pain in their backs huh
I've had a miscarriage and a labour and they both started as a dull ache low in my stomach and as it progressed would then start in my lower front sort of ovary area, then radiate out over my abdomen and around to my lower back, kind of kidney area. Up until a couple of months ago I could still recall the feeling vividly but now I'm struggling to remember.

My boys were all labour pains in the tummy but my daughter was in my back. I remember the intense contractions sad ouch..... maybe a girl boy thing. I gave birth to all my boys laying on my back and my daughter I was on all fours getting my back massaged and then squatted position with her smile
Mine was a posterior baby, and the most terrible back pain ever! Had those heat packs on my back, while standing up, at every contraction. Can't remember any tummy pain grin
Mine were the same as you little egg. Same area as period pains and getting longer and stronger as labour progressed. I used a wheat bag with dd2 and found it really good between contractions to help me relax.
With both my kids all my contractions were in my back. Thinking back now I can't actually describe what they were like, but I never felt a contraction in my stomach. Except once, two weeks before DS was born I had a couple hours of what I though was labour, but was quite clearly not, these contractions were in my stomach, and were obviously just really painful Brixton hicks....

I had them all over my lower half, front and back.
Thanks ladies! smile
Wow it is so interesting how different we all feel contractions.

i had a very fast labour i had no idea i was having contractions. they started at 3am and came every 20mins it wasn't until about 6am that i realised they were coming often. by 7am they were constant cramps. not too bad to be honest it was 45mins at least to the nearest hospital. we got there at 8.30 in no rush as they were just like period pains but then as soon as i had the monitor belt thingy on it felt like someone was standing on my lower stomach, everytime the belt came off it just went back to normal period pains. he even got a bit stuck and it was still very tolerable but they decided to put the belt back on and it made the pains a lot worse like someone was jumping on my guts. as soon as they took it off again while i pushed i was fine with the pain.
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