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39wks, second pregnancy, and still not dilated or engaged :( Lock Rss

I had my doctor's appointment this morning (am currently 39 +3) and during my examination it turns out despite all the tightenings, cramping, back pain, nausea, diarrhea, pelvic pressure, and ongoing signs of pre-labour that I am not dilated at all, my cervix is still hard, high and completely closed up. The baby has moved from engaged to going on his left side and not low down at all (*insert mass disappointment here*).

The dr & midwife tried to be encouraging saying that I could still go into labour any time but I doubt that will be any time soon given the outcome of today's appointment.

Just wondering if anyone else was in a similar position and how long it took for things to progress and for actual labour to start. (PS - I know everyone is different, just wanting to hear other people's stories)
Aw those last few weeks are so hard aren't they? I was never dilated and baby was never engaged for me at appt around the due date and I was always disappointed but it's amazing what can happen in a few hours smile are you doing things to help it along? Sex or a good walk?

Hope things start moving for you soon!

I thought that baby only engages if it's your 1st pregnancy? This is what I was told by my midwife.

With my 2nd, baby didn't engage until I was in actual labour (at 39 weeks). I experienced mild contractions all day long thinking they were braxton hicks and they gradually got more intense before suddenly becoming unbearable and I only just made it to hospital in time.

Doctors sometimes get it wrong, don't be discouraged. smile It sounds like things will happen soon though, try and stay active and maybe bounce on a gym ball if you have one or go for a long walk if you can.

Good luck!! smile
Sometimes midwives can get it wrong, I had an appointment with the midwife and she told me bub wasn't head down or engaged but in the same day I had an ultrasound just 3 hours later and he was head down. Apparently walking up and down stairs and when you sit down spread your legs and lean your tummy foward, it encourages bub to move his head down smile
Goodluck! Don't feel disappointed, things change quite quickly wink
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