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blink blink blink Hi there
Anyone else out there in same boat Im 40 weeks, sick and tired with myself, sick of everything and just want labour to start already, I know how imaptient I sound but its really driving me up the wall as I had a c section for my first as she was breach I have never been at this point before and never felt a labour pain so have no idea what I'm in for, I think maybe it's the unknown that makes me want to get it over with so much!!
Is there any natural remedies that worked for anyone out there to bring on labour???
When I hit 40weeks with my last pregnancy, all I did was walk, sex, walk, sex laugh Funny enough, a few hours after canoodling..I went into labour! laugh
when i reached 41 weeks they did a stretch and sweep on me and within a few hours i was in labour...

i cannot not explain the pain of labour (its pretty intense)... but once you are in labour you will definately know..

Take it easy and try to relax... when your little one is ready he/she will come... good luck
Tried everything with my labours as both my children were late. Did the walking, sex, spicy foods and all the other recommendations - none worked. With my first my waters broke naturally but then things stopped and i had to be chemically induced before things got started. With my second had a stretch and sweep done by the midwifes will nil effect, waters broken and then labour started naturally from there.
Hard to say if anything really helps, they just arrive when they want. Always that worrying thing about knowing about the labour feelings, still forgot the second time around with the subtle labour pains but you won't mistake the more serious ones. Good luck
I was in EXACTLY the same boat with 2nd (now 5 weeks old) - had C-section for 1st (breach), with no labouring whatsoever (not even Braxton Hicks) so had no idea what to expect.

At 39 weeks OB told me that nothing was happening, and that if nothing was happening in a week then we'd talk about another C-section (the hell we will, was my reaction!!)

At 39 weeks 6 days I woke up at 2am with a sore back but thought nothing of it, when I started having pains I assumed they were BH. Hospital was over an hour away so at 11:30am I saw local GP who gave me an internal and said nothing was happening so I went home and walked through the pain. By 2pm I was clock-watching: pains every 5-8 minutes, some taking my breath away. Hubby got home at 5pm and told me to call hospital, when I got to hospital at 7pm I was already 3cm dilated and she was born 1:32am the next morning (on her due date!)

Up until I called the hospital I stupidly assumed that it was just BH, figured the GP knew more than I did!

Meanwhile, I hadn't had any signs prior to that 2am wake-up, less than 24 hours before she was born, so things can happen pretty quickly once they do start.

In my hurry to start things along after my 39 week appt on the Monday, I spent a lot of time on the internet researching (and deciding that some of the ideas, like primrose oil capsules inserted vaginally, didn't suit me!) Tuesday I went for a big walk and Thursday night I spent a lot of time bouncing on my fitball and rocking and leaning forward over it on all fours. Not sure if any of this helped, but Friday morning I woke with back pain and she was born Saturday morning!

Oh, also the Saturday before I went out dancing as my not-quite-Baby Shower (called it my 'Bump Bash'). Hit the dance floor at a nice pub, danced and jumped so much the bouncer told me he didn't want to have to deliver the baby. I can say that I felt bub move further down while I was dancing!!

Good luck with it...

Hi, i tried walking, sex and acupuncture. Acupuncture on my due date to soften the cervix and then during labour to keep the contractions strong. It worked.i totally noticed.
Hi, Im 40+3 today and totally feel the same way. I had to be induced with my first. My midwife suggested Castor Oil as Ive done all the other things too. I had my first dose the night before my due date, 2nd dose next day and had a show on day 3. Ive had to internals so far and had a 4th dose of castor oil last night. Still nothing yet sad We have done the whole sex, spicy food, walking (up to 7km in a day) mowing lawns...well I think that just about covers it lol I guess she will come when shes ready, even though Im totally ready now smile Good luck babe and might I say the race is on lol
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