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Natural Birth. Rss

With DS most of my labour was drug free the last hour before pushing when the contractions were very full on i had gas and it did bugger all for the pain. I really recommend a heat pack and walking i managed nearly 3 hours of labour with just that. I did ask for pethadine but i asked to late. My labour was 4 hours. With DD i had gas and pethadine which put me to sleep i have basically no memory of the labour from noon till i was pushing. That labour was 8 hours i only remember 3 hours of it. Good luck
I have 4 children all born naturally.

My 2nd was drug free as by the time i needed it it was too late. A boiling hot shower helped me cope with the pain. My dd broke my water when she crowned and was a little blue when born (she came too quick) but a little oxygen and she was perfect.

All 3 boys were induced and I had an epi with the 1st and 3rd ds's but my 2nd ds was born after 3 hours and a few puffs of gas.

My dd birth was the best as I didn't have anything and I was proud of myself for doing it but with the boys when intervention was needed I wasn't going to say no.

My advice is to think you can do without pain relief but be open to accept it if required.

Ive had 2 natural births with no pain relief and I prefer it over a drugged birth. I had a bad reaction to pethadine and my bub was born not breathing - had to have ressus. It made me vomit alot too. I had gas with no.1 and 2 as well as the pethadine, but 3 and 4 were fantastic. I felt in control and i found that if i layed on my back and put my hands under my thighs and pulled my legs up toward me when i pushed that the whole experience was a lot easier.

Breathing in lots of oxygen helped too.

Hi, im second day home after a naturaL's my birth story. I woke up and 2:50am and my waters broke, we contacted the midwife and made our way to hospital so that they could check my waters and do a CTG. When we arrived at the hospital the midwife checked my waters and they were pink which she said is great and i went o the CTG for an hour, my contractions were regular and 4 minutes apart but not very painful. My midwife suggested that we go home and wait for the contractions to become more intense (as i was able to talk through them). We went home and gradually my contractions increased, at 9:30am my contractions were 2 1/2-3 minutes apart and would literally stop me and at times cry when they came on, contacted the midwife and arrived at the hospital at 10:30. When we arrived though my contractions went to 5/6minutes apart. At 3pm my midwife did an internal and i was 5cm dialated and she also stretched my cervics as she said things were moving slightly slower than things generally go. Over the next few hours my contractions increased and at 6pm my midwife came into the room and asked me if i had just tried to push with my last contraction (i wasnt sure though), she watched my next contraction and advised me to try and push, 41 minutes later my beautiful baby girl was born. I delivered standing up and leaning forward pushing down into DP's hands.
Prior to labour i had decided that i would try without drugs however they if i needed something that i would do it as i wanted my labour to be safe for me and also bubs however I wanted to breast feed and had read that babies are better able to attach following a drug free birth and also wanted to be in control during labour.
During labour i did what felt good at the time, something that would help for one contraction would do nothing for the next so for me it was able finding what worked each time, at different times I sat on the fit ball, i walked around the room, massaged my own lower back, had my DP massage/rub my back, leant myself over the back of a couch, knelt on a gym mat and over a bed, spent time in the shower (with one shower just on my back, then later with a shower also on my stomche) and stood up. The only thing that made my contractions worst was at one point i had a contraction as i was getting off the bed after an internal and wasnt able to get up so layed on my side (this is what i remember to be one of my most painful) so for me personally i would not recommend to lay down.
Twice during my labour (towards the end) i said that i didnt want to do this anymore and at one point thought 'why didnt i have an epidural) but would refocus my mind that women have been delivering babies this way for a long time and that with each contraction i was closer to meeting my baby, between contractions i literally felt normal and then a contraction would come (my were mostly 45 seconds, however towards the end were 110seconds) and then they would pass so during a contraction i would also think of that and that the contraction will pass.
My baby girl attached to the breast within 20 minutes and everyone comments on how alert and settled she is. I am so glad that i was able to give birth drug free for her. I would recommend trying a natural labour and going in with a good mind set, this is my first baby and am so proud of myself. Goodluck with your labour
Hey Marmy61

I just read a book called Birth Skills by Juju Sundin, it's really good, have a read!
It discusses how to enhance your body's natural pain relieving hormones etc.
hi there

i have had 2 totally natural intervention free births at home. i have never even had a ve! my first was a lovely slow gentle labour. i went into labour at 4 am (first contraction) but didn't actually have to breathe through them until 7pm that night. hopped into the birth pool which relieved all pressure and was bliss! bubs was born at 9:15pm. it didn't hurt, i just had to concentrate on the contractions. i didn't even know bubs had crowned!

Second dd, very quick. mild contractions every half hour or so then straight to every couple of minutes, leapt into the birth pool bubs was born on around the third cx. not painful, just very intense. this labour was more intense and it wore me out a lot more then the other. didn't have a chance to tell the midwife to come round. so it was just dd1 dh and myself. a very beautiful evening - all done and dusted before dark!

a lot of it is due to attitude as well as circumstance. if you go into it fearing it will get worse, it will be too painful, you won't cope etc - you are not going to a fluke an easy birth. knowing exactly what is going on, why its happening and what you can do to help it along rather then fight it are all important. Read up on NATURAL physiological birth and what happens to your body when there are no interventions to get an idea of what action you can take to support yourself. active birth workshops are great as well. then you can read up on the managed birth to get an idea of what to expect in a hospital with different issues. (induction etc)
I've had three natural births, two with pethadine and one drug free. For me the last drug free one was the best, I was so relaxed I fell asleep between contractions. I really think if you can relax it helps the process along. I also was given some hypnobirthing CD's to listen to to help relax, it really worked.
Hi there, I had planned for a natural birth, was accepted into a birth centre and was soooooo looking forward to a wonderful water birth, but things didn't go to plan and after having my waters broken and 15 hours in hard labour- contractions 3 minutes apart- (and not dilating at all......) it was suggested by my midwife that I have an epidural so I could rest and be ready to push when the drip had worked it's magic.

I was totally against having an epidural but it was explained that if I didn't I probably would end up with a c-section due to being too exhausted to push.

The epidural was really good! I rested for a few hours and it was only on a low dose so when it came time to push I could tell. I could feel everything! I was even able to get on my hands and knees for some of the time to get DD in a better position.

In the end I was just so wrapped to have avoided a c-section that it didn't matter that I didn't get the experience I thought I wanted, however I truly hope my next one goes more to plan!
I have had 2 natural births, the first I used the Gas & Air, which after a while really didn't do much.

My first labour was 25 hours long, started with contractions then after 17 hours they broke my waters & inserted a drip to get things moving. After the drip is when I had the gas & I stayed on it until DD1 was born. I pushed for around 40 minutes & got a small graze which required 2 stitches. I found it was more helpful biting on the mouthpiece if anything!Overall it was extremely tiring as my contractions started at 5 minutes apart.

My 2nd labour I was induced, it was 4 hours all up. They used the drip & broke my waters, i found the pain quite managable by just breathing through the contractions. I pushed for less than a minute & DD2 came out, no tears or grazes (she was very small though)! My Obstetrician was putting some gloves on & actually had to run across the room to make sure he caught the baby as it only took 3 pushes! With my 1st I don't remember all that much as I was so exhausted but this one was a fantastic labour, I felt everything & I always smile when I think back to how well it went!

Hi Ladies,
I was just wanting to get a few personal stories and opinions on Natural Births (with or with out pain relief).
I have been talking about it a lot with my partner and a few other friends and i wanna try and go for a complete natural, no pain relief birth (if bub agrees lol) and all the stories i read on labour etc all seem to have pain relief and or c-sections. I understand that obviously some things dont go according to plan and yes my birth plan may very well go out the window lol
Is there anyone out there who was able to do it naturally with out pain relief? If so what was your labour like?
If you did have pain relief what did you have and how did you think it effected your birth??
Thanks peoples and any comments would be appreciated smile
My 1st bub I had pethadine shot and it was horrible,kept nodding off between contractions and just didnt feel with it at all,was groggy after the birth as well. 2nd bub I had gas after a very long labour, it was pretty horrible too, then ended up having emergency c-section, I would recommend this strictly "EMERGENCY ONLY" or of corse if its recommended for safe delivery of bub. My 3rd and 4th bubs were completely natural and drug free, this was the best, the labour and recovery were much faster.
I think the best pain releif, well for me, I loved being in the shower with hot water on my belly, give it a go!!!
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