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Who has had a Doula? Lock Rss

Who has had, is having, or whould condider having a Doula at their birth?

I am very interested in hearing reasons why you wanted one and how they helped you. PM me if you like, the more info the better.

Also would love to hear from Doulas and what they typically do for people.

I'm just very interested in this subject.
I'm a doula, though I haven't had many clients lately. I can talk to you about what I offer. I'll pm you if you like.
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Sorry it took me a while to answer your pm! The kids must have intterupted me while I was on here.

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Just thought I would let you know I had to open a new account since the site updated. So if you still have questions, feel free to ask!
xx Nic
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