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Epidule? experiences please Rss

as the title states just wondering what peoples experiences were. With Connor I went in with the attitude I was going to have it no matter what, with pre-eclampsia bloods had to be taken and by the time the reults were back I was ready to push. Riley, I kind of just stuck it out, biting on the gas mouth piece most of the time and in the shower. I've been watching shows on foxtel where the woman who get the epidule are so calm and relaxed after they got it and it makes me wonder whether i should try this time around or just go all natural basically again. My fear is the needle though, the one they use to numb. Does it hurt? I can cope with blood tests because after having so many done with PE i built up scar tissue in my arm which is apparently why i don't even feel the needle anymore.


Alyce xo

i had an epi with my second. i was also very scared of the needle and the only reason i went ahead with it was cos i had promised dh after our first labour.

i am so glad i did. all i felt was the pinch of the first needle which was to numb the area. i did not feel any pain when the epi went in just a slight cooling sensation. i hardly felt anything through out my 4 hour labour and the midwife let it wear off for me to push dd out. i was walking 20 minutes afterwards.

good luck
I hardly felt it go in. What was freaking me out was anticipating the next contraction LOL

i had the epidural, and i didnt feel it.. i was too busy worrying about how much it was going to hurt, that i asked when are they doing it, it was done. it was the first time i was able to relax in just off 30 hours

I had one after 18hours of established labour with DS as they thought i may of needed a c section. In the end i didnt, and the epidural was the best thing ever! I personally would of loved to have been able to ride out the whole labour without it but it wasnt meant to be!
I say if you have done it twice without an epidural already, you can do it for the 3rd!!!!

You dont normally feel the needle going in. You sit on the end of the bed, the anesthetist will ask you to tell him when you are getting a contraction, and then he will stop when you have one etc. They then put a little anaesthetic in first before the needle goes in, so all i felt was pressure really....
[Edited on 09/09/2009]
thanks smile, i'm hoping to go without again, i did have a couple of inhales of gas last time but more biting on the mouth piece and that was all. I'm hoping to stay at home as long as i can this time I guess I worry because you never know and I think well what if this labour goes longer etc

Go in with an open mind, and whatever happens, happens, and im sure you will be fine! smile
I had one with Ds2, and it didnt work!

My entire labour with DS2 was 45 min from doc breaking waters til holding him tho so it didnt have time to kick in!

I had the one with the button so you could top yourself up, and i felt a little numbness after he was born, but didnt work in time to ease the pain of the birth

I had them with both my boys. The first epidural was heaven on earth. The anethitist was wonderful and it was in and done in a few seconds. By DS1 was born after an hour of pushing and I had a very small tear that required 2 stitches. I could feel my feet and could move around again after 2hrs. I joked and laughed the whole way through the delivery and loved every moment of giving birth.

My second experience was horrid. The anethetists was AWEFUL! He took 6 attempts to get it in my back all the time I could feel these strange stabbing pains running down my left leg. I ended up telling him he was f-ing useless. He then overdosed me on the anethetic and my blood pressure dropped so low that I passed out. I had no sensation or pressure feeling what so ever and pushing for what seemed like a life time - I think around 2hrs. In the end I wasn't progressing so the OB had to do a vac extraction. I had no feeling in my lower body for 10hrs and I experienced numbness for 12wks post delivery in my right foot to the point that I regularly fell over when using my toes for balance.

I'm in two minds weather to ever have another one as my 2nd one was such an aweful experience!
wow, did you make a complaint or anything? surely he could have gotten in alot of trouble for that

I have no idea what the rules are on things like that? I did get a lovely bill from him for $760.
I had an epi with DD and I would highly recommend it. I had enough pain relief to take away the major pain but little enough so that when it came time to push I could feel slight contractions to be able to do so.
I was all set to have one with DS but he was in such a hurry he was born 6 mins after we got to the hospital lol

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