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stitches Rss

hey all i just wanted to know how long after giving birth and getting stitches can i go swimming or take a bath?

im pretty sure a bath is no probs from the beginning, but i wouldnt go swimming for a bit.. .expecially if ur still bleeding after birth
Hi there,

Baths are ok. They are really good for your stitches actually, just add a little bit of salt to the water, and it will make them heal faster!
I agree with the above post, i would wait until say your 6 week check up, ask your doctor about swimming. I wouldnt go swimming, as you will probably still be bleeding by then, and you arent allowed to use tampons, but just ask your GP at your check up!!!

Congrats on your bubba!!! =)
Go the salt baths! They were something I didn't discover until about 3 weeks after DD1 with an episiotomy and I loathed that I didn't know until then! They are wonderful and help everything heal. Just don't make them too strong with salt or you'll ened up with the opposite result of stitches contracting in the salt water and hurting more. About a handful in a medium bath will do the trick.

Isobel 19/7/06 Molly 14/2/08 Sam 4/10/09

I'am sooo with Isobel's mum on the salt baths!
What i want to know is why the midwives don't tell you about it?
I was still pretty sore when i went to my GP and that's what she told me to do. It worked a treat! I was having them twice a day. A handful of salt and just enough water to cover the area.
If your just having a normal bath...I probably wouldnt be soaking for a long time and probably wouldnt use bubble bath either. Not sure on the exact rules. That's just what I would do smile
Hope everythings going good for you!

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