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numb belly!! Lock Rss

hey all, not long to go now...
feeling lots of pains here and there all in the belly but my belly is numb on the outside i cant feel when i scratch it but it is itchy... weird hey.. hrmmmm
i have an appointment tomorrow but it is as though they dont really care or hear it all the time when i tell them things. which they prob do but still i am new at this.....
i just want baby out too i am sick of feeling like this with the belly...
sad help wat to do...

I don't think they'll be able to do anything, your baby is most probably pressing on a nerve which is why it feels numb. Unfortunately you might have to wait until you have the baby to get some relief.

Not long to go now.

Hang in there.

They wont be able to do anything about the numbness i dont think. I had the same thing with several of mine and there was not much i could do about it. Just waited until i had baby.

By all means mention it to them though. Especially if the itchiness is excessive.

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