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Midwife or Obstetrician Delivery? Lock Rss

this is my 1st pregnancy & I am at 13 weeks. My husband & I are unsure if we should let a midwife deliver our child or an obstetrician deliver our child. I have booked into a Public Hospital, but unsure whether I should choose a Private Hospittal.
Any ideas?

mum to Siobhan Amber 29/8/06

i am pregnant with my 6th child and have had a midwife deliver all of them,they make it so special and are more like friends by the time baby is born,i would choose a midwife and stick to the public hospital,my hubby and i looked into it heaps and found a community based midwife program which we love being part of,i hope this helps ,i know how important these decisions are.
good luck!!


Hi, my husband and i selected a birthing centre because we liked their philosophy and that the midwife that you see throught the pregnancy is their at delivery, where an obstetrician would only be in the room at the very end! the midwife we have makes us both relaxed and has been very open and honest about everything as well as very professional and reassuring. Mind you, i am due on Wednesday (two days to go hurray) and it is still scary! The unkown is very daunting!! but we are still happy with our decision to select a birthing centre.
Good luck and congratulations with your pregnancy! enjoy the ride!

Hi Amandamc

I had a doctor deliver my first and midwives deliver my 2nd and 3rd. In my experience the midwives had a calming effect on my whole labour compared to the doctor that really tried to push me to have a c section. Midwives tend to just go with the flow and listen alot more to what you want in your labour and birth. I only wish I could have midwives deliver my twins that are due in july but have to have doctors for them.

Good luck and hope everything goes well
Hi Amandamc

i had my first delivered through a public hospital with a midwhife for most but the actual delivery had to be done by a doctor because it ended up having to be a vacuum delivery.

i am now pregnant with my second and me and my hubby decided we would go private for this one partly because we moved interstate but also for the care throughout the pregnancy.

although the public system was good you can end up having a different midwife for each apptment depending on what hospital you are at. also i found when they had to call the doctor to assist with delivery this can be delayed becuase they are on call for everyone that is in labor at the same time.

i went for my first apptmnt with the obstetrician last week and she was really nice and she also advised there will be midwifes at the delivery aswell also the midwives are trained by that particular obstetrician.

you just need to be aware if you go private even if you have private health insurance there may still be some out of pocket expense for the prenatal care but we figure it is worth it.

also for comfort after birth i found that looking at the information about the private hospital i will be staying at the there are a lot more benefits etc for you which i guess you would expect.

any way i have babbled enough good luck with choosing i think either way as long as you trust the hospital you are at it will be fine. also if you choose to go private you should decide soon as they often book up fast.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009


I had midwife delivery for both of my boys but with the first the doctors came in at the end because the cord was around his neck but the midwifes were fantastic and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Hi Amanda and other mums to be.
my name is Tania.
I am just so confused on which way to go.... private with an Obstetrican or public. They both seem to have there pros and cons. I have got private health cover, but if i choose to use it I'd like to find a obstetrician that does not charge over the schedule fee and goes to a hospital near me that i like the look of. Or do i choose a public hospital,
and be happy with the level of care that i will get there.
Amanda have you had any more thoughts on this? This is my first pregnancy as well.

Tania, qld, mum to Lucy

My daughter was born 29/08/06, with the very much support of midwives. I was luck enough to have an uncomplicated birth. The midwives were fantasic recommend this option to anyone, of course make sure you meet as many at the hospital before birth.


mum to Siobhan Amber 29/8/06

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