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posterior presentation and effects on labour Lock Rss

Hi all,
i would love to here from any one who has given birh to a baby who was presenting in a posterior presentation,and how did it effect your labour .
I am 39wks with my second baby ,have just found out baby is is posterior and large just like my first ,he was 9pound 7 and i was induced 10 days after my due date.
My first labour was very long,felt like i had knife in my spine ,thank heavens for the epidural.....ahh.
Some 24hrs after my first contraction ,as i was in labour the night before and 2cm when they broke my waters;
6hrs after the epidural i was ready to push.2hrs later my son was still in the same position, he was manualy rotated and pulled out by hand very healthy. I had retained my placenta and had to go to theater to have it removed then 24hrs later i had temporary paralisis due to the delivery ,no long term probs .
i am very nervous about labour this time round .
The hospital has said they don`t think they will let me go over this time if baby is pos i may be induced next week if i don`t go on my own just wait and see.
many thanks and best of luck to all.

nat ,vic,2 year old boy,girl due mach

Hi natty.2

My first labour was quite similar to yours. It was extremely long with not much progress and lots and lots of pain. I was very thankful that there was pain relief available. I however ended up with an emergency c section as baby was also brow presentation and my pelvis could simply not open wide enough to allow my baby to be born. There was no way they could turn her there just was not room.

My second baby was posterior right up until about 38 weeks and then turned anterior which was a relief. I was advised not to proceed with a vaginal birth if baby remained posterior and did not turn during labour. Apparently most posterior babies turn during labour. Anyhow things were fine and I had an 8 1/2 hour labour and no epidural and it was much less painful.

You can really see how the baby's position affects the length and pain of labour!

Good Luck and I hope baby turns for you this time!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Nat

My first was also posteria and it was a long labor and after pushing for about an hour they decided on a vacuum extraction they tried to turn her on the way out and she did but at the last second right before she came out.

hope this one turns for you good luck

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi natty.2!! Congrats on baby number two!

My first son was born posterior and he came along with no problems at all. The day before his birth I had a few little niggles like period pain and a very slight back ache. I just walked it off around the back yard kicking the ball for the dog! I didn't even experience much pain, it was more like someone giving me a big bear hug around my stomach. We eventually decided to go to the hospital and about two hours after we got there, he was born. The hardest part was pushing him out and that only took about 20mins and it was all drug free. So you can rest assured that not all posterior babies are going to be trouble smile ! The obstetrician told me that baby number two was going to be too big and that he was going to induce me. The thought of that terrified me enough to have him early!! 9.5 pounds drug free!! I thought that it must have been a fluke to have one easy birth and that the second was going to be aweful, but thank god I was wrong and they were both easy. I hope everything goes well with this birth, keep us informed!! smile !!
hi my son was posterior and im not sure if its any different to birth an anterior but i know that because of him facing that way the midwife had to put me on gas and got me to lie for about half an hr to see if he would turn he did and half an hr of pushing and he was out no problem.
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